14 Beautiful Hanging Succulents for Growing Indoors (with pictures)

Hanging Succulent Plants collage

Succulent plants or simply succulents, are plants whose parts are thickened, fleshy, or engorged, which is an adaptation to arid climates.

Succulents store upto 60% water in these structures which enables them to survive long periods of dryness in their natural environment.

The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, which means 'juice', or 'sap' in reference to the plant sap contained in the thickened or engorged structures.

The engorged structures in succulents are usually the leaves or the stems where the plant stores large amounts of water which comes in handy during the dry periods.

Succulents are often grown as houseplants because of their striking, unusual appearance, as well as their ability to grow with minimal care.

Succulent Plants are relatively easy to grow and are considered ideal even for a beginner plant parent as they do not require very close attention.

Succulents for hanging usually have trailing or climbing stems which cascade beautifully down the sides of a pot or a hanging basket. They also look beautiful on a pedestal or high up on a shelf or a table top.

Beautiful Hanging Succulent Plants for Growing Indoors

We have outlined for your herebelow 14 of the most popular hanging succulent plants for growing indoors.

1. String of Beads (Pearls) Plant | Senecio rowleyanus

String of Beads (Pearls), Senecio rowleyanus

String of Beads (Pearls) Plant also called String of Beads is a succulent houseplant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which spherical green leaves grow which resemble a neck-lace of beads (pearls) and hence the common name.

In its natural habitat, String of Beads (Pearls) Plant grows as a trailer, with stems trailing on the ground, rooting where they touch and forming dense mats. Read more »

2. String of Bananas Plant | Senecio radicans

String of Bananas

String of Bananas Plant also called String of Fishhooks is a unique succulent plant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which are tiny leaves shaped like small green bananas.

The odd shaped leaves in String of Bananas Plant is an adaptation to arid conditions and allows for the storage of water while exposing minimum surface area to the dry desert air. Read more »

3. Donkey's Tail Plant | Sedum morganianum

Donkey's Tail Plant, Burro's Tail Plant

Donkey's Tail Plant also commonly called Burro's Tail Plant is a trailing plant which bears 2-3 ft long stems, completely clothed with blue-green cylindrical succulent leaves.

With its spectacular cascading stems and terminal, pink to red flowers, Donkey's Tail Plant is ideal for a hanging basket. Read more »

4. String of Watermelons Plant | Senecio herreanus

String of Watermelons Plant

String of Watermelons Plant also called String of Beads, String of Raindrops or Gooseberryplant bears pendant thread-like stems on which oval, bead-like leaves grow.

The fleshy leaves and stems store water, which allows the String of Watermelons Plant to go for a considerably long period without being watered. Read more »

5. Pussy Ears Vine | Cyanotis somaliensis

Pussy Ears Vine

Pussy Ears Vine also called Kitten Ears is a creeping succulent vine which bears oval-shaped leaves about 2 in. long which are covered with pale gray hairs.

Pussy Ears Vine is ideal for a hanging basket, pedestal or a tall pot where the trailing stems can beautifully cascade downwards. Read more »

6. Teddy Bear Ears Vine | Cyanotis kewensis

Teddy Bear Vine

Teddy Bear Vine is a creeping succulent vine ideal for a hanging basket or a groundcover which bears oval-shaped leaves about 1 in. long which are hairy (velvet-like) with purple underside.

It is a slow growing plant reaching a height of 6-8 in. and the flowers are about 1 in. mauve colored, blue-violet or pinkish-purple. Read more »

7. String of Dolphins Plant | Senecio peregrinus

String of Dolphins

String of Dolphins Plant also called Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins or Dolphin Plant bears pendant thread-like stems on which curvy leaves with two small points grow.

The leaves in String of Dolphins Plant look like a pod of flying or jumping dolphins and hence the common name "String of Dolphins". Read more »

8. String of Hearts Plant | Ceropegia woodii

String of Hearts

String of Hearts Plant also called Rosary Vine, Chinese Lantern or Chain of Hearts is an unusual succulent which is excellent for a hanging basket.

It is easy to grow but the heart-shaped leaves are sparsely spaced and the tubular flowers are insignificant. Read more »

9. Trailing Jade Peperomia | Peperomia rotundifolia

Creeping Peperomia Plant

Trailing Jade Plant also called Jade Necklace, Creeping Peperomia, Creeping Buttons and round Leaf Peperomia, is a trailing Peperomia plant.

Trailing Jade Plant bears hanging shoots and very small, thick and fleshy, succulent, button-like leaves that may entwine and weave in and out of each other. Read more »

10. String of Nickels Plant | Dischidia nummularia

String of Nickels Plant

String of Nickels Plant also called Button Orchid is a trailing succulent plant which forms a dense mass of greenish-yellow foliage.

The leaves are opposite and round and look like numerous coins, hence the common name 'String of Nickels'. Read more »

11. String of Rubies Plant | Othonna capensis

String of Rubies Plant

String of Rubies Plant also called String of Pickles, Little Pickles or Ruby Necklace is characterized by thin oval-shaped leaves and reddish-purple stem.

The bean-shaped leaves turn a bright ruby red when the plant is grown under bright sunshine. The flowers are a bright yellow color. Read more »

12. String of Turtles Plant | Peperomia prostrata

String of Turtles Plant

String of Turtles Plant also called Magic Marmer is a compact perennial houseplant that is easy to grow and adapts well to indoor growing conditions.

The plant is a trailing type of Peperomia and is an excellent choice for a hanging basket. Read more »

13. Jelly Beans Plant | Sedum rubrotinctum

Jelly Beans Plant

Jelly Beans Plant also commonly called Pork and Beans Plant bears short succulent leaves about 1/2 in. long that resemble jelly beans.

Though the stems are upright in young Jelly Beans Plants, they eventually grow long enough to trail over the sides of the pot, creating a hanging plant display. Read more »

14. Wax Plant | Hoya carnosa

Wax Plant

Wax Plant also called Porcelainflower is an easy to grow, climbing houseplant which bears fleshy leaves and clusters of waxy, fragrant, star-shaped flowers.

The twining stems in Wax Plant can reach 15 ft or more making it an excellent plant for a hanging basket or a trellis. Read more »

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