16 Types of Kalanchoe Plants with Pictures | Different Kalanchoe Varieties

Kalanchoe are flowering succulent plants in the family Crassulaceae which are grown for their decorative foliage and magnificent blooms.

Kalanchoe varieties are easy-care plants which require bright light, average warmth and moderately moist free-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.

The Kalanchoe genus comprises of about 125 species but only a few are in cultivation either indoors or outdoors.

Kalanchoe Plants are native to the arid regions of Madagascar and tropical Africa.

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16 Different Types of Kalanchoe Plants for the Home

Our choice of the best Kalanchoe plants include Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, Kalanchoe marmorata, Kalanchoe beharensis, Kalanchoe tomentosa, Kalanchoe daigremontiana among others.

1. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Flaming Katy)

Flaming Katy, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Botanical name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
Common names: Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe, Florist Kalanchoe, Madagascar Widow's-thrill
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 1-2 ft
Flowers: Red, orange, yellow, white, purple or pink

Flaming Katy is a popular Kalanchoe grown for its long lasting flowers which can be induced in any season and its leaves which turn reddish in bright light.

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2. Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (Paddle Plant)

Paddle Plant, Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Botanical name: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Common names: Paddle Plant, Desert Cabbage, FlapJack, White Lady
Origin: Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland
Height: 1-2 ft
Flowers: Greenish waxy with yellow recurved lobes, narrowly urn-shaped

Paddle Plant is grown for its foliage which is a basal rosette of large, rounded, succulent, stalkless leaves which are grayish-green with red margins and covered with a white powdery bloom.

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3. Kalanchoe marmorata (Pen Wiper Plant)

Pen Wiper Plant, Kalanchoe marmorata

Botanical name: Kalanchoe marmorata
Common names: Pen Wiper Plant
Origin: Central and West Africa, from Zaire to Ethiopia, Sudan and Somali
Height: 1.5 ft
Flowers: Starry white, four-petalled, sometimes tinged with pink

Pen Wiper Plant is a popular foliage succulent plant that is grown for its large scalloped and brown-blotched leaves.

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4. Kalanchoe beharensis (Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe)

Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe, Kalanchoe beharensis

Botanical name: Kalanchoe beharensis
Common names: Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe, Felt Bush, Velvet Elephant Ear
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 3-5 ft
Flowers: Small and yellowish, urn-shaped

Elephant's Ear Kalanchoe is one of the popular foliage Kalanchoe that is grown for its large velvety foliage which is covered by brown hairs.

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5. Kalanchoe tomentosa (Panda Plant)

Panda Plant, Kalanchoe tomentosa

Botanical name: Kalanchoe tomentosa
Common names: Panda Plant, Pussy Ears Kalanchoe, Chocolate Soldier
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 1.5 ft
Flowers: Fuzzy, bell-shaped flowers

Panda Plant is a popular Kalanchoe on account of its silvery-green, brown-edged furry or woolly leaves which give it the common names, 'Pussy Ears' and 'Chocolate Soldier'.

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6. Kalanchoe daigremontiana (Devil's Backbone Kalanchoe)

Devil's Backbone Kalanchoe, Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Botanical name: Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Synonmys: Byrophyllum daigremontianum, Kalanchoe daigremontianum
Common names: Devil's Backbone Kalanchoe, Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe, Alligator Plant, Mexican Hat Plant
Origin: southwest Madagascar
Height: 3 ft
Flowers: Greyish-pink or reddish to purple, bell-shaped

Devil's Backbone Kalanchoe is a monocarpic succulent which bears thick fleshy leaves with numerous bulbils (plantlets) on the teeth and used for propagating new plants.

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7. Kalanchoe humilis (Spotted Kalanchoe)

Kalanchoe humilis, Spotted Kalanchoe

Botanical name: Kalanchoe humilis
Synonmys: Kalanchoe prasina
Common names: Spotted Kalanchoe, Stripped Kalanchoe
Origin: Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique
Height: 1 ft
Flowers: Purple, green, or red

Kalanchoe humilis is a succulent shrub which bears pale green leaves, strongly marked with maroon and purple spots or stripes. The leaves are egg-shaped and have a slight glaucous bloom on both sides.

8. Kalanchoe pinnata (Cathedral Bells)

Kalanchoe pinnata, Cathedral Bells

Botanical name: Kalanchoe pinnata
Synonmys: Crassula pinnata, Cotyledon pinnata, Bryophyllum pinnatum
Common names: Cathedral Bells, Air Plant, Curtain Plant, Floppers, Miracle Leaf
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 1.5 ft
Flowers: Red to greenish-red above, green undersides

Cathedral Bells bears scalloped green leaves which are streaked with purple and edged with orange-red. Miniature plantlets form on the leaf margin even when the leaf is detached from the mother plant.

9. Kalanchoe manginii (Beach Bells)

Kalanchoe manginii, Beach Bells

Botanical name: Kalanchoe manginii
Synonmys: Bryophyllum manginii
Common names: Beach Bells, Chandelier Plant
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 1.5 ft
Flowers: Reddish-orange to bright red, bell-shaped, pointing downwards

Beach Bells glossy, green, rounded leaves are borne on arching branches. The leaves turn reddish when the plant is grown in full sunlight.

10. Kalanchoe rotundifolia (Common Kalanchoe)

Kalanchoe rotundifolia, Common Kalanchoe

Botanical name: Kalanchoe rotundifolia
Synonmys: Crassula rotundifolia
Common names: Common Kalanchoe
Origin: South Africa, Mozambique
Height: 3.3 ft
Flowers: Yellow or orange

Kalanchoe rotundifolia is shrubby plant which bears fleshy, rounded or lobed green leaves on slender stems. The leaves turn reddish when the plant is grown in full sunlight. It flowers in fall through to early winter.

11. Kalanchoe prolifera (Blooming Boxes)

Kalanchoe prolifera, Blooming Boxes

Botanical name: Kalanchoe prolifera
Synonmys: Bryophyllum proliferum
Common names: Blooming Boxes, Jurassic Klae, Palm Beach Bells
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 6 ft
Flowers: 3 ft panicle of greenish-orange flowers

Blooming Boxes is a fast growing plant with a unbranched stem on which pinnately compound, green leaves with reddish-purple petioles and margins are borne. With age the leaves drop leaving the stem with interesting scars. Plantlets and suckers form on the stem as well as on the flower stalk.

12. Kalanchoe orgyalis (Copper Spoons)

Kalanchoe orgyalis,Copper Spoons

Botanical name: Kalanchoe orgyalis
Synonmys: Kalanchoe antanosiana, Kalanchoe cantonasyana
Common names: Copper Spoons, Cinnamon Bear, Leather Plant, Shoe Leather Kalanchoe
Origin: Southern and South-western Madagascar
Height: 6 ft
Flowers: Bright yellow terminal clusters

Copper Spoons is a multi-branched shrubby plant which bears ovate leaves that are folded upward from the middle. The undersides are bronze to grey while the upper surface is felted with fine cinnamon-colored hairs. With age the upper surface changes to the same color as the underside.

13. Kalanchoe bracteata (Silver Teaspoons)

Kalanchoe bracteata, Silver Teaspoons

Botanical name: Kalanchoe bracteata
Common names: Silver Teaspoons
Origin: South-eastern Madagascar
Height: 5 ft
Flowers: Red or orange-red

Silver Teaspoons is a multi-branched shrubby succulent plant which is covered with characteristic hairy scales and a waxy secretion which gives it a bald (smooth) appearance. The leaves are egg-shaped, with a short petiole and slightly pointed.

14. Kalanchoe pumila (Flower Dust Plant)

Kalanchoe pumila, Flower Dust Plant

Botanical name: Kalanchoe pumila
Synonmys: Kalanchoe brevicaulis, Kalanchoe multiceps
Common names: Flower Dust Plant
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 1 ft
Flowers: Upright clusters of pink-violet with conspicous yellow anthers

Flower Dust Plant is a shrubby plant densely covered with round toothed leaves which are covered with soft whitish waxy hairs making the plant appear frosted.

15. Kalanchoe laciniata (Christmas Tree Kalanchoe)

Kalanchoe laciniata, Christmas Tree Kalanchoe

Botanical name: Kalanchoe laciniata
Synonmys: Kalanchoe acutifolia, Cotyledon heterophylla
Common names: Christmas Tree Kalanchoe, Christmas Tree Plant, Lacy Leaf Kalanchoe
Origin: Morocco, Arabian Penisula, southern India, southern and southwestern Africa
Height: 5 ft
Flowers: Fragrant, vary from yellow to yellow-green to orange

Christmas Tree Kalanchoe is a succulent plant with a reddish, erect stem covered by thick, fleshy, green leaves which vary in shape.

16. Kalanchoe delagoensis (Mother of Millions)

Kalanchoe tubiflora, Mother of Millions

Botanical name: Kalanchoe delagoensis
Synonmys: Kalanchoe tubiflora, Bryophyllum delagoensis
Common names: Mother of Millions, Chandelier Plant
Origin: Madagascar
Height: 6 ft
Flowers: Reddish to green, bell-shaped

Mother of Millions is a perennial upright plant which bears slightly cyrindrical leaves which are reddish-green to grey-green with reddish brown spots. The leaves bear plantlets at the edges which when they drop on the soil grow into new plants.

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