Homeplantsguide - Your Guide to Growing Houseplants

Are you struggling with your houseplants or are you just starting out in growing houseplants? This guide is for you and for everyone who wants to learn more about houseplants.

  • May be you are new to this world of houseplants and you are just thinking why you should have them to start with. Unlike the faux plants, apart from adding beauty live houseplants have other benefits to us.

  • If you are looking for easy houseplants here are ten houseplants suitable for any houseplants lover looking for hassle-free houseplants.

  • With air pollution brought about by technological advancements being a major concern, these houseplants have been found to be good indoor air cleaners.

  • For the forgetful and busy houseplants lover, here are ten suggestions of hard to kill houseplants.

  • In this Houseplants A-Z guide are great tips on how to grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite houseplant.

  • For suitable houseplants for your home, look up these tips on how to select houseplants.

  • Learn best cultural practices like watering, feeding, pruning, pests and diseases control in this Houseplants Care Guide.

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On the Blog

On the Blog

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