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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Garden Plants Collage

Garden Plants A-Z: Learn How to Grow Your Favorite Outdoor Plants

This Garden Plants A-Z Guide has everything you need to make your garden spectacular. The Common Names are listed alphabetically and followed by the Botanical Names in brackets.

Succulent Plants collage

30 Best Succulent Plants for Full Sun with Names & Pictures

Succulents for full sun are able to withstand drought, high temperatures and direct sunlight due to their ability to store water in their leaves and or stems.

Syngonium Plants Collage, Arrowhead Plants Collage

33 Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) Varieties with Names & Pictures

Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) has many variegated cultivars with the main difference being in the position and extent of the colored markings. Some leaves are almost entirely white, pink, red or yellow.

Aglaonema Plants Collage, Chinese Evergreens

25 Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) Varieties with Names & Pictures

Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreens are spectacular, relatively compact plants with large, spear-shaped leaves in vibrant colours and patterns, borne on short stems.

Caladium Plants Collage

30 Caladium Plants Varieties with Names and Pictures

Caladiums also called Elephant Ear, Angel Wings or Heart of Jesus Plant are popular vibrant plants with striking arrow-shaped, paper thin and beautifully marked leaves.

Tropical Foliage Plants Collage

30 Best Tropical Foliage Plants with Names & Care Guides

Tropical foliage plants grow best in brightly-lit, average warmth and more humid conditions and are grown for their spectacular foliage rather than for the flowers.

Low Light Small Plants Collage

22 Low Light Small Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight

Small Indoor Plants for low light spaces are perfect for spots that don't receive sunlight as they are small enough to fit these places and still continue to grow."

Low Light Indoor Trees Collage

15 Low Light Indoor Trees that Thrive in Low light Spaces

Low light indoor trees are large or tall plants which easily to adapt to low light or dark spaces and continue to brighten up the shaded spaces.

Sun Loving Houseplants Collage

30 Sun Loving Indoor Plants That will Thrive in Direct Sunlight

Sun loving indoor plants have their origin in the warm tropical climates where they get exposed to direct sunlight for part or for the whole day.

Most Popular Houseplants Collage

30 Most Popular Houseplants for Your Home with Names & Pictures

The most popular houseplants are the low maintenance, easy to care for plants that are ideal even for a beginner and are low cost to acquire and keep alive.

Aeonium Plants Varieties Collage

18 Charming Types of Aeonium Plants Varieties with Names & Pictures

Aeoniums or Tree Houseleeks are stunning plants with succulent, shiny, spoon-shaped leaves typically arranged on a basal stem in a dense spreading rosette.

Cactus Plants Collage

21 Types of Cactus Plants for growing at Home with Names & Pictures

Cactus or Cacti are hardy, succulent plants with thickened, fleshy parts adapted to store water which is an adaptation to their native very dry growing conditions.

Snake Plants Varieties Collage

19 Snake Plants Varieties For Your Home with Names & Pictures

Snake Plants are evergreen, flowering plants of about 70 species which were originally placed in the Sanseviera Genus but have recently been reclassified into the Dracaena Genus.

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