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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Plant Gifts for Mother's Day Gift Collage

16 Best Plant Gifts for Mother's Day (Mother's Day Plant Gifts)

Mother's Day is a special day to appreciate the beautiful women in our lifes and there is no better way to celebrate them than gifting them their favorite plant.

Succulent Plants collage

36 Best Plants with Low Water Needs with Names & Pictures

Plants with low water needs do not require to be watered very frequently, they are drought tolerant and are perfect for the forgetful or busy plant parent.

Monstera Varieties Collage

17 Monstera Varieties to Add to Your Collection with Names & Pictures

Monstera Plant Varieties are evergreen plants which can climb to height of more than 60 ft on tree branches by means of aerial roots which act as hooks by attaching to the tree bark.

Dieffenbachia Plants Collage

Dieffenbachia Common Problems Indoors and Their Treatment

Dieffenbachia indoor growing problems include yellow leaves, soft mushy stems, brown leaf tips, brown leaves, leaf spots, leggy growth, pests and diseases among others.

Aloe Succulents collage

15 Types of Aloe Succulent Plants with Names and Pictures

Aloe Succulent Plants bear a stemless rosettes of fleshy leaves and tubular, yellow, orange, pink or red flowers which are densely clustered and pendant at the apex of simple or branched leafless stems.

Gasteria Succulents collage

12 Gasteria Succulent Types with Names and Pictures

Gasteria are succulent plants which bear thick, hard, succulent tongue-shaped leaves and go by the common names Ox-tongue, Cow-tongue, Lawyer's Tongue and sometimes Mother-in-law's Tongue."

Haworthia Succulents collage

14 Types of Haworthia Succulent Varieties with Names & Pictures

Haworthia are easy to grow plants which thrive in bright light away from direct sunlight, average to above average warmth with good air circulation and fertile, well-drained soil.

Echeveria Succulent Plants collage

12 Types of Echeveria Succulent Plants with Names & Pictures

Echeveria Succulents are spectacular plants which bear a rosette of short, beautiful and tightly packed leaves on short stems and are covered with a white bloom, short hairs or a waxy coating.

Succulent Plants collage

20 Common Types of Succulent Plants with Names & Pictures

Succulent plants or succulents, are plants whose parts are thickened, fleshy, or engorged, which is an adaptation to arid climates where they grow naturally.

Plants for Home collage

16 Best Low Maintenance Plants to Spruce Up Your Home

The best plants for home are the low maintenance, easy care plants that are perfect even for a beginner to minimize on the cost of keeping them alive. Take a look at our selection.

Living Room Plants collage

20 Best Plants for the Living Room | Living Room Indoor Plants

The living room is one great place to display your collection of indoor plants. The choice of living room plants is important so as to make it more cozy and inviting.

Large Leafed Plants collage

20 Large Leafed Indoor Plants that Make a Bold Statement in any Space

Large leafed indoor plants will make a bold statement and add that wow factor in any space. They are perfect for filling up the large spaces. Check out our list.

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