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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Calathea Plants Collage

16 Types of Calathea Plants with Pictures | Calathea Varieties

Calathea are flowering plants which bear decorative foliage which closes at night and have been given them the common name, 'Prayer Plants'. Take a look at our selection.

Anthurium Plants Collage

10 Anthurium Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

Anthuriums are popular plants grown indoors successfully for their beautiful and striking flowers as well as their spectacular foliage. Check out our selection.

Alocasia Plants collage

8 Amazing Alocasia Varieties for Growing Indoors (with pictures & Care Guide)

Alocasias bear very spectacular foliage and are a delight to add to any houseplant collection for a touch of an exotic feel. Learn how to grow these delightful plants.

 Hanging Succulent Plants collage

14 Beautiful Hanging Succulents for Growing Indoors with Care Guide

Succulents for hanging usually have trailing or climbing stems which cascade beautifully down the sides of a pot or a hanging basket. Read more on their care.

Million Hearts Plant, Dischidia ruscifolia

Million Hearts Plant Care | Dischidia ruscifolia Care Indoors

Million Hearts Plant is an easy to grow plant which bears numerous heart-shaped leaves on trailing stems and hence the common name. Learn how to grow this plant indoors.

Dischidia Plants Collage

11 Reasons Why Dischidia Plant is Dying and How to Fix Them

Dischidia Plants may die due to reasons brought about by cultural faults. Find out some of these reasons and how to fix them.

Watermelon Discidia, Dischidia ovata

12 Reasons for Watermelon Dischidia Yellowing Leaves and How to Fix Them

Watermelon Dischidia or Dischidia ovata leaves may turn yellow if the growing conditions are not met. Find out some of the causes of this.

Hanging Houseplants collage

15 Best Hanging Baskets Indoor Plants Ideal for a Beginner

Hanging baskets are one beautiful way of maximizing on the vertical space.These easy-care plants are excellent for a hanging basket and are ideal for a beginner.

Small-sized Houseplants collage

16 Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces | Small-sized Plants

Let not space limit you in greening your living spaces. These small plants are perfect additions for the small spaces.

Houseplants Terrarium

How to Make a Closed Terrarium for Houseplants

The closed terrarium completely or almost completely surrounds the plants and creates a warm, humid environment that is ideal for most delicate plants.