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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Chinese Hibiscus, Tropical Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

10 Tips on How to Keep Tropical Hibiscus Blooming

Tropical Hibiscus are prolific bloomers and will reward you with a profusion of flowers if you keep them happy by providing the right growing conditions.

Hardy Hibiscus Collage

3 Hardy Hibiscus Species You can Grow in Your Garden

Hardy Hibiscus are native to the temperate regions and can tolerate cold winter temperatures where they die back in winter and come back in spring when the temperatures begin to warm up.

Indoor Trees Collage

24 Indoor Trees | Best Indoor Trees to Spruce Up Your Home

Indoor Trees are plants that make a bold statement in any space, are ideal for filling up the large spaces and are good indoor air cleaners. Take a look at our selection.

Crassula Varieties Collage

16 Types of Crassula Varieties with Names & Pictures

Crassula Varieties are all succulent plants which bear fleshy leaves and are easy to grow indoors when the right growing conditions are provided.

Ficus Plants Collage

12 Types of Ficus Plants | Ficus Varieties with Pictures

If you are looking for tree-like plants for indoor growing, these Ficus varieties are a good choice.

Rubber Plants Collage

9 Types of Rubber Plants | Ficus elastica Varieties with Pictures

Rubber Plants or Rubber Figs are tree-like plants with a high tolerance to drought conditions and are perfect for indoors growing. Check out our selection.

Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica

14 Reasons Why Rubber Plant is Dropping Leaves and How to Fix Them

Rubber Plant or Rubber Fig may drop its leaves due to a number of varied reasons. Find out some of the common reasons for this.

Philodendron Plants Collage

20 Types of Philodendron Plants | Philodendron Varieties with Pictures

Philodendron comprises of a large group of plants, ideal for growing indoors. Make your choice of these 'tree-loving' plants from our list.

Senecio Plants Collage

10 Senecio Plant Varieties (Succulents) with Pictures & Care Guide

Senecio Plants are amazing plants which vary a lot in structure and growth habits. Having at least one of this 'Old Man' plants will add an interest to your collection.

Begonia Plants Collage

12 Types of Begonia Plants (Varieties) with Pictures

Begonia are perennial flowering plants which are popular for indoor growing on account of their spectacular foliage and beautiful blooms. Have a look at our best choice.


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