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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Kalanchoe Plants Collage

16 Types of Kalanchoe Varieties with Pictures

Kalanchoe are flowering succulent plants which grown for their decorative foliage and magnificent blooms. Make your selection from our list.

Satin Pothos Plants Collage

10 Types of Scindapsus pictus | Satin Pothos Varieties with Pictures

Satin Pothos or Silver Vine are popular evergreen climbing plants with heart-shaped leaves, often covered with silver blotches and have a satin sheen.

Pothos Plants Collage

18 Types of Pothos Varieties with Pictures

Pothos are easy-care plants which grow by climbing or trailing and are perfect for a hanging basket, a pedestal, a trellis or moss stick. Check out our list.

Watering can

How to Water Houseplants : Learn How to Water Indoor Plants Correctly

Do not water your houseplants on a schedule. Here are the best tips on how to water houseplants the right way to avoid killing them.

Parlour palm, Chamaedorea elegans

Common Problems (Issues) with Indoor Grown Bamboo Palm

Though Bamboo Palms are easy to grow indoors, some issue may arise if the right growing conditions are not met. Learn more about these problems.

Indoor Palms collage

11 Types of Palms for Growing Indoors with Pictures & Care Guide

Palms are attractive and they add a tropical feel to any space. They come in a range of leaf types, sizes and growth habits. Here are some palms ideal for indoors.

Dracaeana Plants collage

8 Types of Dracaena Plants (Varieties) with Pictures & Care Guide

Dracaena plants are attractive houseplants which add a splash of color in any indoor space. Learn how to grow these spectacular plants indoors.

Dracaena fragrans

14 Reasons Why Dracaena Leaves are Yellowing

Dracaena Plants are easy to grow but may develop yellowing leaves if the growing conditions are not met. Find out some of the causes of this.

Asparagus Plants collage

5 Types of Asparagus Ferns for Growing Indoors with Pictures & Care Guide

Ornamental Asparagus Plants are popular plants on account of their ease to grow and care for. Learn more on how to grow and care for these charming plants.

Asparagus Ferns Collage

12 Reasons Why Asparagus Fern Leaves are Yellowing and Dropping

An Asparagus Fern may turn yellow and drop its leaves due to a number of reasons. Find out more on these reasons and how to fix them.


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