15 Pet Safe Houseplants - Houseplants that are Safe for Cats and Dogs

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Sometimes pets can decide to chew or play with houseplants. While it is a good idea to keep houseplants out of the reach of pets, it is very important to grow houseplants that are non-toxic to pets. Some of the pet safe houseplants include:

  1. Areca Palm | Dypsis lutescens
  2. Houseplant, Areca Palm

    The Areca Palm is one of the most popular of the palms due to its beauty and ease of care. Its yellowish bamboo-like canes and beautiful foliage makes it to stand out. Read more »

  3. Spider Plants | Chlorophytum comosum
  4. Houseplant, Spider Plant

    Spider Plants are popular houseplants for hanging baskets. They are fast growing, easy to care for and are good air cleaners. Spider Plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs and are extremely adaptable to a wide range of indoor growing conditions. Read more »

  5. Goldfish Plants | Columnea gloriosa
  6. Houseplant, Goldfish Plant

    Goldfish Plants are attractive pet safe houseplants which bear abundant yellow or orange-red tubular flowers year after year and are suitable for the hanging basket or in a pot where the trailing stems can be allowed to hang freely. Read more »

  7. African Violets | Saintpaulia
  8. Houseplant, African Violet

    African Violets are non-toxic to cats and dogs. They are popular houseplants on account of their ability to flower almost any time of the year. Their compact size allows them to fit in the small spaces. Read more »

  9. Radiator Plant | Peperomia caperata
  10. Houseplant, Radiator Plant

    Radiator Plant is a compact perennial houseplant that is easy to grow and adapts well to indoor growing conditions. These plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs. Read more »

  11. Calathea Plants | Calathea spp
  12. Houseplant, Calathea Plant

    Apart from being spectacular houseplants, Calathea Plants are safe for cats and dogs. Calatheas are grown for their ornately patterned leaves. They are striking plants that will add a splash of color to any space. Read more »

  13. Polka Dot Plants | Hypoestes phyllostachya
  14. Houseplant, Polka Dot Plant

    Polka Dot Plant or Freckle Face is a popular houseplant that is grown for its spotted leaves. These colorful plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs. Read more »

  15. Prayer Plants | Maranta leuconeura
  16. Houseplant, Maranta Plant

    Apart from their curious habit of folding and raising their leaves at night, Marantas are non-toxic to pets. With their uniquely colored and patterned leaves, these plants make excellent houseplants. Read more »

  17. Chinese Money Plant | Pilea peperomioides
  18. Houseplant, Chinese Money Plant

    Chinese Money Plant is non-toxic to pets. They are safe to grow indoors. The plant is an evergreen succulent houseplant that is easy to grow and maintain. Read more »

  19. Nerve Plants | Fittonia spp
  20. Houseplant, Nerve Plants

    Nerve Plants are popular houseplants for the small spaces. They are easily recognisable due to their leaves which bear a network of white, pink or red veins. These interesting plants are non-toxic to pets. Read more »

  21. Watermelon Peperomia | Peperomia argyreia
  22. Houseplant, Watermelon peperomia

    Watermelon Peperomia also called Watermelon Begonia is a popular houseplant on account of its easy care and small size. This plant with fleshy oval-shaped leaves, strikingly marked with curved silver stripes is non-toxic to pets. Read more »

  23. Echeveria Plants | Echeveria spp
  24. Houseplant, Echeveria Plant

    Echeveria Plants come in many forms but are generally small-sized plants. These succulent plants which bear tightly packed leaves on short stems are non-toxic to pets. Read more »

  25. String of Rubies | Othonna capensis
  26. Houseplant, String of Rubies

    String of Rubies also called String of Pickles, Little Pickles or Ruby Necklace is non-toxic to pets. The plant is characterized by thin oval-shaped leaves and reddish-purple stems. Read more »

  27. Air Plants | Tillandsia spp
  28. Houseplant, Air Plant

    Air Plants also called Grey Tillandsia are non-toxic to pets. These plants are easy to grow and do not need to be planted in a potting medium. They bear furry scales on their foliage through which they take up water and nutrients. Read more »

  29. Ponytail Palm | Beaucarnea recurvata
  30. Houseplant, Ponytail Palm

    Ponytail Palm also called Elephant Foot Plant is an easy to grow houseplant which bears a large swollen bulb which stores water. This beautiful palm-like plant is non-toxic to pets. Read more »

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