20 Types of Philodendron Plants Varieties with Names & Pictures

Philodendron Plants are flowering plants in the family, Araceae, mostly native to tropical forests of Central and South America.

There are about 500 species in the Philodendron genus which is the largest genus in the Araceae family.

The genus name, 'Philodendron', comes from the Greek words philo- or "love, affection" and dendron or "tree" meaning 'tree-loving' in reference to their growth habits.

The growth habits in Philodendron plants can be epiphytic, hemiepiphytic, or rarely terrestrial. Some plants can show a combination of these growth habits depending on the environment. Philodendron Plants Collage

Philodendrons have some unique structures called cataphylls. These are modified leaves that surround and protect the newly forming leaves.

They are usually green, leaf-like, and rigid while they are protecting the leaf. In some Philodendron species, the cataphylls can even be rather succulent.

The inflorescence consists of a leaf-like hood called a spathe which encloses a tube-like structure called a spadix.

A single inflorescence or a cluster of up to 11 inflorescences can be produced at a single time depending on the species. The spathe is usually waxy and bicolored.

It is important to note that Philodendron Plants are considered toxic to both humans and pets. According to National Capital Poison Center, Philodendron plants contain Calcium oxalate crystals.

If ingested, they can cause burning and swelling in the mouth and throat, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pains. Therefore, keep your Philodendrons from the reach of children and pets.

Philodendrons are delightful, easy-care, low-maintenance plants which symbolize health and abundance.

Generally, Philodendrons require bright, indirect light, warm and humid conditions, and well-drained, moderately moist soil that is rich in organic matter.

We have herebelow listed 20 beautiful Philodendron varieties for indoor growing with names and pictures.

20 Different Types of Philodendron Plants Ideal for Indoors

Our choice of the best Philodendron varieties include Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron 'Summer Glory', Philodendron elegans, Blushing Philodendron, Spadeleaf Philodendron, Silver Sword Philodendron, Philodendron selloum 'Sun Red' among others.

1. Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron scandens)

Heartleaf Philodendron, Philodendron scandens

Heartleaf Philodendron or Sweetheart Plant is one of the most popular Philodendrons on account of its ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions.

Its heart-shaped leaves appear bronze and quickly turn green. The leaves measure about 2 inch long and cover the long slender stems.

Heartleaf Philodendron has many varieties and cultivars like Philodendron hederaceum 'Micans', Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil', Philodendron hederaceum 'Cream Splash', Philodendron hederaceum 'Lemon Lime' among others.

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2. Philodendron 'Summer Glory'

Philodendron 'Summer Glory'

Philodendron 'Summer Glory' is a charming, hybrid plant with an upright, clumping growth and large, deeply-veined leaves which start off reddish-bronze and turn deep green as they mature.

The young leaves are surrounded by red catapylls. Venation in young leaves is purplish-pink but fades with age. The deep-green mature leaves have a red leaf margin.

is a non-climbing upright bush which looks magnificent in a pot. To keep it upright, give it a moss-pole for support inorder to grow the large beautiful leaves.

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3. Philodendron elegans (Finger-leaf Philodendron)

Philodendron elegans

Philodendron elegans also called Finger-leaf Philodendron or Skeleton Key Philodendron is a sought-after plant on account of its size and highly divided stately leaves.

The leaves come in various shades of green and have a glossy sheen. They are highly divided which gives them the appearance of a palm's frond.

Finger-leaf Philodendron has a creeping and a climbing growth habit. Give it a moss pole or a trellis for support inorder for it to grow upright.

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4. Blushing Philodendron (Philodendron erubescens)

Blushing Philodendron, Philodendron erubescens

Philodendron erubescens commonly called Blushing Philodendron or Red-leaf Philodendron is a vigorously-growing, evergreen climber with red stems and glossy, large, heart-shaped leaves.

The heart-shaped leaves in Red-leaf Philodendron appear reddish and eventually turn green as they mature. The leaves measure about 16 inch long.

Blushing Philodendron is ideal for a hanging basket or can be grown as a climber on a trellis or moss stick.

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5. Spadeleaf Philodendron (Philodendron domesticum)

Spadeleaf Philodendron, Philodendron domesticum

Philodendron domesticum commonly called Spadeleaf Philodendron or Burgundy Philodendron is an evergreen climber which bears long, glossy, spade-shaped leaves and reddish-purple stems.

Burgundy Philodendron can grow to a height of 8 ft and 3 ft wide when grown indoors. The mature leaves are about 2 ft long and 1 ft wide.

Spadeleaf Philodendron is ideal for a hanging basket or can be grown as a climber on a trellis or moss pole where it can beautifully display the charming leaves.

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6. Silver Sword Philodendron (Philodendron hastatum)

Silver Sword Philodendron, Philodendron hastatum

Philodendron hastatum commonly called Silver Sword Philodendron is a captivating, evergreen climber which bears glossy, large, sword-shaped leaves with a silver sheen.

Silver Sword Philodendron can grow to a height of 10 ft and 5 ft wide in its native habitat but it only grows to about 5 ft when grown indoors.

Philodendron hastatum is native to the tropical rainforests in Southeast Brazil where it grows as an epiphyte on trees, climbing by means of the aerial roots.

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7. Philodendron ilsemanii Variegata

Philodendron ilsemanii Variegata

Philodendron ilsemanii Variegata also called Mottled Ilsemanii is an evergreen climber which bears slender, large, pointed leaves with green and white variegation.

The leaves in Mottled Ilsemanii emerge in deep-green and develop the variegation as they continue to grow. The variegation varies from leaf to leaf.

Philodendron ilsemanii Variegata origin is not known. It is thought to be a cultivar of Philodendron corcovadense though there is no available documentation to confirm this.

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8. Philodendron sagittifolium

Philodendron sagittifolium

Philodendron sagittifolium is a vigorously-growing climber whose arrow-shaped leaves are pale green on top and the undersides are dark-green with light green spots.

The spectacular Philodendron sagittifolium is a drought-tolerant plant which can grow to a height of 10 ft in a few months. The leaves are about 24 in. long by 12 in. wide.

Philodendron sagittifolium is native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Mexico and Peru where is grows as an epiphyte on trees.

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9. Lacy Tree Philodendron (Philodendron selloum)

Lacy Tree Philodendron, Philodendron selloum

Lacy Tree Philodendron or Horsehead Philodendron is an easy care, non-climbing, large plant which is most impressive in a large space as a statment piece.

The leaves are simple, large, deeply-lobed, ruffle-edged, usually drooping and dark green in color. The trunk is relatively thick and woody with characteristic "eye-drop" leaf scars.

Philodendron selloum is also known by the botanical names Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum and Philodendron bipinnatifidum. The leaves can grow up to 2 ft long and are attached to long smooth petioles about 2 ft long.

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10. Philodendron selloum 'Sun Red'

Philodendron Sun Red

Philodendron selloum 'Sun Red' is an enchanting, upright, clumping plant whose large, oval, leathery leaves start off bright red, then burgundy or red-purple and eventually green when mature.

The Philodendron Sun Red is a non-climbing, upright, bush which looks magnificent in a pot. It is a spectacular addition to any houseplant collection.

Philodendron Sun Red can grow to a height of 8-10 ft but when grown indoors it rarely exceeds 4-5 ft high by the same width.

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11. Philodendron burle-marxii

Philodendron burle-marxii

Philodendron burle-marxii is a fast-growing, low maintenance plant with glossy, leathery, emerald-green, cordate leaves which is perfect in a hanging basket or climbing on a moss pole.

It is named after Robert Burle Marx (1909-1994), the Brazilian Landscape Artist whose designs of parks and gardens made him world-famous.

Philodendron burle-marxii is native to South America from Colombia to Ecaudor. It can grow as a creeper, spreading on the ground or as a vining climber on a moss pole. The plant can grow to a height of 2 ft and about 4 ft wide.

12. Philodendron melanochrysum (Philodendron Black Gold)

Philodendron melanochrysum

Philodendron melanochrysum also called Philodendron Black Gold is a climbing plant which bears large velvety heart-shaped leaves with tiny golden sparkles in bright light.

The emerging leaves have a copper-gold velvety sheen but as they mature, they become blackish-green with pale green veins. The name 'melanochrysum' means 'black gold' in reference to the tiny gold sparkles on adult plants which appear in sunlight.

Philodendron Black Gold is native to South America in the Andean foothills of Colombia. It can grow to a height of 12 ft and 8 ft wide in its natural habitat but when grown indoors it grows to a height of about 8 ft and 3-5 ft wide.

13. Philodendron verrucosum (Ecaudor Philodendron)

Philodendron verrucosum

Philodendron verrucosum commonly called Ecaudor Philodendron is a vining plant native to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecaudor and Peru.

The leaves are large, heart-shaped with slightly wavy edges, white veins and reddish undersides. The stems have hairy bristles.

The magnificent Philodendron verrucosum can grow to a height of 3 ft and 2 ft wide. It is a finicky Philodendron as it does tolerate wide variations in growing conditions.

14. Philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron gloriosum

Philodendron gloriosum is a crawling terrestial plant whose leaves are heart-shaped with a velvety surface, pink margins and pale-green, white or pinkish veins.

It is native to Colombia where it creeps on the forest floors. This Philodendron is listed as a vulnerable plant due to the destruction of its natural habitat for farming activities.

The Philodendron gloriosum has many cultivars like 'Dark Form', 'Zebra', 'Pink Back', 'Round Form' and Variegated Philodendron gloriosum.

15. Philodendron mamei

Philodendron mamei

Philodendron mamei is a low-maintenance, terrestial species with a creeping growth habit and prostrate stems.

The matte, dark-green, heart-shaped leaves have silver markings and deep veins giving the leaves a ridged appearance. These make Philodendron mamei one of the most beautiful Philodendrons.

Philodendron mamei is native to Ecaudor and Peru. It was first collected by Europeans in 1882. The plant has become an invasive species to the Cook Islands and Society Islands.

16. Philodendron mayoi (Fern-like Philodendron)

Philodendron mayoi

Philodendron mayoi commonly called Fern-like Philodendron or Palm-like Philodendron is an easy-care, rare, perennial plant native to Brazil.

Fern-like Philodendron bears deeply lobed, bright-green, rubbery leaves, about 7 in. long with 6 lobes on either side of the leaf blade and look like a palm frond.

The plant is named in honor of an aroid botanist, Dr. Simon Mayo. It can grow to a height of about 2-4 ft in bright, indirect light and warm, humid conditions.

17. Philodendron rugosum (Pigskin Philodendron)

Philodendron rugosum

Philodendron rugosum also called Sow's Ear Plant is rare, low maintenance, climbing plant with thick, leathery, heart-shaped leaves and hence the common name, 'Pigskin Philodendron'.

The leaves wrinkle up (fold) as they attach to the stem like Pig's ears and hence the common name, 'Sow's Ear Plant'. The name 'rugosum' comes from 'ruga' which is Italian for 'wrinkle' in reference to the wrinkling of the leaves as they meet the stems.

Pigskin Philodendron is native to the montane forests of Ecaudor. The plant is endangered in its native habitat due to destruction of the same to farming. It can grow to a height of 10-15 ft, therefore, requiring support by a moss pole.

18. Philodendron brandtianum (Silver Leaf Philodendron)

Philodendron brandtianum

Silver Leaf Philodendron also called Brandi Philodendron is a low maintanace, bushy climber which bears heart-shaped leaves with heavy silver variegation on a dark-green background.

The Brandi Philodendron is native to southern Colombia, northern Brazil and Bolivia where it grows as an epiphyte on trees.

Philodendron brandtianum can grow to a height of 4-5 ft in medium to bright indirect light. The plant is often mistaken for Scindapsus pictus (Silver Satin Pothos).

19. Philodendron bipennifolium (Fiddleleaf Philodendron)

Philodendron bipennifolium

Philodendron bipennifolium is a rare, vining (climber) plant native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay where it grows as a hemiepiphyte.

The leaves in Fiddleleaf Philodendron are gloss, leathery, lobed, elongated about 18 in. long and have a fiddle or horse-head shape.

Philodendron bipennifolium is a climber ideal for a hanging basket where the spectacular leaves can be displayed or it can be supported with a moss stick to grow upright.

20. Philodendron pandurifome (Philodendron Panda)

Philodendron pandurifome

Philodendron pandurifome also called Philodendron Panda, Panda Plant or Wolf's Head Philodendron is a rare, easy-care, climbing plant native to Brazil, Guyana, Eucador, Colombia and Venezuela.

The leaves in Philodendron Panda are three-lobed, fiddle-shaped, dark-green with more rounded tips. The stems are green colored.

Philodendron pandurifome can grow to a height of about 6-8 ft. It needs to be provided with a moss pole to grow upright and develop large leaves.

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