10 Anthurium Plant Varieties for Growing Indoors with Pictures and Care Guides

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Anthurium varieties are popular plants where many of them have been grown indoors successfully due to their ability to easily adapt to indoor growing conditions.

A few Anthuriums are grown for their beautiful and striking flowers but most are grown for their spectacular foliage.

Anthurium is a genus of about 1,000 species of flowering plants in the family Araceae.

They are native to the Americas, being distributed from northern Mexico to northern Argentina and parts of the Caribbean.

Anthuriums are considered toxic to both humans and pets due to the presence of oxalate crystals .

If ingested these crystals cause digestive distress, breathing problems and skin irritation. Always wear gloves when handling Laceleaf Anthurium and wash your hands thereafter.

Anthurium Plants are easy to grow indoors if they are given the right growing requirements. We have outlined herebelow 10 popular Anthurium varieties for growing indoors.

10 Vibrant Anthurium Varieties for Indoors

On our list of the best Anthuriums is Anthurium andraeanum, Anthurium brownii, Anthurium crystallinum, Anthurium forgetii, Anthurium luxurians, Anthurium metallicum, Anthurium radicans among others. Keep reading to get the complete list.

1. Anthurium andraeanum

Laceleaf Anthurium, Anthurium andraeanum

Anthurium andraeanum commonly called Laceleaf Anthurium, Oilcloth Flower, Painter's Palette or Tailflower is a popular flowering plant with long, glossy blooms with a straight or arched yellow or white tail.

The Laceleaf Anthuriums may not be easy to grow under room conditions but with proper care they can last for many years.

The blooms in Laceleaf Anthurium are not true flowers but are spathes, each with a yellow or white spadix covered densely with tiny true flowers. Learn how to care for Anthurium andraeanum (Laceleaf Anthurium).

2. Anthurium brownii

Anthurium brownii

Anthurium brownii is an easy to grow Anthurium whose large, curly, ribbed, yellow-veined, heart-shaped leaves stand out and feel like a fiddle leaf fig in texture.

Anthurium brownii blooms and fruits year round, the blooms comprise of a long protruding spadix covered in spirals of tiny flowers, and the spathe hangs down below the spadix.

The Anthurium brownii is reknowned for its indoor air cleaning properties. Read on how to care for Anthurium brownii.

3. Anthurium crystallinum

crystal Anthurium, Anthurium crystallinum

Anthurium crystallinum commonly called Crystal Anthurium is one of the eye-catching foliage species of Anthuriums whose heart-shaped leaves are velvety on the surface and the leaf color changes from bronzy-purple to deep-green with age.

The foliage in Crystal Anthurium hangs vertically, displaying the prominent silvery veins. Under good light, the silvery veins reflect light like crystals and hence the name "Crystal Anthurium".

The inflorescences Crystal Anthurium are green spathes with a pale-green spandix. Read on how to care for Anthurium crystallinum (Crystal Anthurium).

4. Anthurium forgetii

Anthurium forgetii

Anthurium forgetii is a popular houseplant on account of its spectacular round leaves that lack a sinus (upper lobes) and therefore, they can flexibly hang on their stems like teardrops.

The large dark-green leaves in Anthurium forgetii also have silver veining which makes the plant a beautiful sight to behold.

Anthurium forgetii may no be easy to grow under room conditions but when provided with the right growing conditions, it can last for many years. Learn more on how to care for Anthurium forgetii.

5. Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians

Anthurium luxurians is a popular foliage species of Anthurium whose large bullet-shaped leaves are dark-green and have a crinkled leaf surface which reflects light.

When Anthurium luxurians is in the juvenile stage, the foliage is light green and as it matures, it turns dark green to almost black.

Anthurium luxurians may not be easy to grow under room conditions but with proper care it can last for many years. Read more on how to care for Anthurium luxurians.

6. Anthurium metallicum

Anthurium metallicum

Anthurium metallicum is a unique foliage Anthurium which is a popular houseplant on account of its large, velvety, dark-green leaves with distinct veining and a beautiful sheen.

Anthurium metallicum prefers temperatures on the cooler side for best growth with nighttime temperature drops and constant humidity.

The leaves in Anthurium metallicum can be over 4 feet long and they have a beautiful velvety sheen. Learn how to care for Anthurium metallicum.

7. Anthurium radicans

Anthurium radicans

Anthurium radicans also known as Anthurium Malyi is a popular houseplant for its lovely, glossy, blistered-looking, heart-shaped, dark-green leaves which are deeply veined and for its showy flowers with a maroon pinkish color.

Anthurium radicans has been greatly used by gardeners to produce a lot of new hybrids with remarkable features, but these hybrids can only produce sterile flowers.

Anthurium radicans is a small herbaceous evergreen tropical perennial plant which grows to a height of about 1.8 ft. Read on how to care for Anthurium radicans.

8. Anthurium scherzerianum

Flamingo Flower, Anthurium scherzerianum

Anthurium scherzerianum commonly called Flamingo Flower or Pigtail Plant is a popular flowering houseplant on account of the glossy red, heart-spaded blooms which can last for weeks.

The blooms in Flamingo Flower are not true flowers but are spathes, each with a white spadix covered densely with tiny true flowers.

Flamingo Flower bears a 2 in. long waxy flower with an orange curly tail. Brilliant red is the usual color in Flamingo Flower but a white variety (album) is available. Read on how to care for Anthurium scherzerianum (Flamingo Flower).

9. Anthurium villenaorum

Anthurium villenaorum

Anthurium villenaorum is a popular foliage Anthurium with a compact growth and is considered one of the easiest of the Velvet Leaf Anthuriums which can bloom upto five times a year.

The spectacular teardrop shaped leaves in Anthurium villenaorum vary in shades of light and dark green with prominent venation throughout the leaf.

The Anthurium villenaorum is a slow-grower but it can grow to a height of 1.8 M and a width of 1.5 M. Learn how to care for Anthurium villenaorum.

10. Anthurium vittariifolium

Anthurium vittariifolium

Anthurium vittariifolium commonly called Strap Leaf Anthurium is a foliage Anthurium with long, pendulous leaves making it perfect for a hanging basket, a pedestal or simply for hanging.

Anthurium vittariifolium is an epiphyte with short stem and the long, strappy leaves which are clustered at or near the apex of the stem.

Anthurium vittariifolium blooms with small pinkish spathe and spadix and the berries are a bright violet or pink in color. Read on how to care for Anthurium vittariifolium.

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