8 Amazing Alocasia Varieties for Growing Indoors with Names and Pictures

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Alocasias are some of the most popular plants for indoor growing. These plants come in many varieties and sizes and are not very difficult to grow if the growing conditions are met.

The Alocasias bear very spectacular foliage and are a delight to add to any houseplant collection for a touch of an exotic feel.

Alocasias vary greatly in size from some tiny ones that are ideal for the small spaces to some large ones that are perfect for standalone plants for the large spaces.

Alocasias grow best under bright, indirect light (dappled light) as they receive in their natural environments where they grow under the canopies of trees as understory plants.

Warmth, high moisture and well-drained soils are major requirements for Alocasias to thrive. Therefore, ensure you provide these conditions inorder to successfully grow your Alocasia at home.

Alocasia plants undergo dormancy during the cold season (winter) where the plant drops its leaves. However, even if the foliage may die, the underground rhizome is still alive and can regrow under favorable conditions.

At the home front, dormancy in Alocasias is signalled by too little light, dry soil and too low temperatures. If the plant is exposed to these conditions, it may begin to drop its leaves in readiness to enter dormancy.

Fortunately, these conditions can be prevented inorder to keep the foliage alive through out the year regardless of the season.

There are about 90 species in the Alocasia genus which are native to tropical and subtropical Asia to Eastern Australia.

We have outlined for you herebelow some of the most popular Alocasia Varieties for growing indoors.

Alocasia Varieties for Growing Indoors

These Alocasia plants are quite easy to grow if the growing conditions are provided. Read more on how to grow your favorite Alocasia.

1. Alocasia 'Polly' | Alocasia X amazonica 'Polly'

Alocasia X amazonica 'Polly', Alocasia Polly, African Mask

Alocasia x amazonica also called Elephant's Ears Plant, Alocasia 'Polly' or African Mask is a strikingly beautiful plant which is moderately easy to grow indoors.

The stems in Alocasia 'Polly' are erect and bear enormous, arrow-shaped, dark-green leaves with distinctly white-colored veins. Read more on how to grow Alocasia 'Polly' (Alocasia X amazonica 'Polly').

2. Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia cuprea is a small plant which bears enormous, spherical, green leaves with a metallic gloss, pronounced leaf veins and deep-purple undersides.

The plant is a spectacular addition to any houseplant collection and is one of the popular Alocasia plants on account of its magnificent foliage with a metallic shine. Learn more on how to grow Alocasia cuprea.

3. Alocasia longiloba | Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba

Alocasia longiloba bears large, arrow-shaped, bluish-green leaves with silver margins and veining and light-green or purple undersides which are held on mottled brown leaf stalks.

The plant is moderately easy to grow indoors and is a spectacular addition to any houseplant collection on account of its magnificent foliage. Learn how to grow Alocasia longiloba.

4. Green Velvet Alocasia | Alocasia micholitziana

Alocasia micholitziana, Green Velvet Alocasia

Alocasia micholitziana commonly called Green Velvet Alocasia bears arrow-shaped, deep matte green leaves with a velvety texture on the upper surface and white veining, and pale-green undersides.

The leaves are borne on mottled, brown-red or purple leaf stalks and grow to about 1 ft long and 6-8 in. wide. The stem is short and the leaves appear to emerge from the ground. Read on how to grow Alocasia micholitziana (Green Velvet Alocasia).

5. Alocasia 'Regal Shield' | Alocasia odora X Alocasia reginula

Alocasia 'Regal Shield', Regal Shield Elephant Ear

Alocasia 'Regal Shield' commonly called Regal Shield Elephant Ear or Regal Shield Alocasia is a fast growing plant which bears heart-shaped dark-green to almost black leaves with light-green venation on light-green stems.

The plant is highly adaptable to indoor growing conditions and will make a perfect statement plant for a tall narrow space. Read more on how to grow Alocasia 'Regal Shield' (Regal Shield Elephant Ear).

6. Alocasia 'Black Velvet' | Alocasia reginula

Alocasia reginula, Black Velvet Alocasia

Alocasia reginula commonly called Alocasia 'Black Velvet' or Little Queen, is a compact plant which bears broad, heart-shaped, dark-green leaves with a velvety background, pale green, white or silver veins and reddish undersides.

It grows by means of a rhizome and goes dormant in the cold season where the leaves die leaving the rhizome alive to propagate new plants during the warm season. Learn more on how to grow Alocasia reginula (Alocasia 'Black Velvet').

7. Went's Hardy Alocasia | Alocasia wentii

Alocasia wentii, Went's Hardy Alocasia, New Guinea Shield, Purple Umbrella Plant

Alocasia wentii commonly called Went's Hardy Alocasia, Hardy Alocasia, Hardy Elephant Ear, New Guinea Shield or Purple Umbrella Plant is a beautiful easy to grow plant which easily adapts to indoor growing conditions.

Went's Hardy Alocasia bears beautiful heart-shaped, glossy green leaves with prominent veins and purple-hued (metallic maroon) undersides. Read more on how to grow Alocasia wentii (Went's Hardy Alocasia).

8. Zebrina Alocasia | Alocasia zebrina

Alocasia zebrina, Zebra Plant, Zebrina Alocasia

Alocasia zebrina commonly called Zebra Plant or Zebrina Alocasia, is a popular plant which bears upright, arrow-shaped green leaves which are borne on thin zebra-striped stems.

The plant may not be easy to grow indoors but once its requirements for warm and humid conditions are met, it is an excellent addition to any houseplant collection. Learn more on how to grow Alocasia zebrina (Zebrina Alocasia).

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