Ten Popular String of Plants for Growing Indoors

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String of plants are very popular and are easy to grow. They are perfect to grow in a hanging basket, on top of a shelf or on a pedestal. Here are ten of the most popular string of plants.

  1. String of Pearls Plant | Senecio rowleyanus
  2. Houseplant, String of Pearls

    String of Pearls Plant is a unique houseplant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which spherical green leaves grow. It resembles a neck-lace of pearls. Read more »

  3. String of Bananas Plant | Senecio radicans
  4. Houseplant, String of Bananas

    String of Bananas Plant also called String of Fishhooks is a unique houseplant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which are tiny leaves shaped like small green bananas. Read more »

  5. String of Tears Plant | Senecio citriformis
  6. Houseplants, String of Tears

    String of Tears Plant also called String of Lemons or String of Teardrops bears erect stems on which oval, teardrop-shaped or lemon-shaped leaves grow. The leaves are green to dark-green with translucent longitudinal stripes. Read more »

  7. String of Beads Plant | Senecio herreanus
  8. Houseplant, String of Beads

    String of Beads Plant also called String of Watermelons, String of Raindrops or Gooseberryplant bears pendant thread-like stems on which oval, bead-like leaves grow. The leaves are dark-green with purple stripes. Read more »

  9. String of Dolphins Plant | Senecio peregrinus
  10. Houseplant, String of Dolphins

    String of Dolphins Plant also called Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins or Dolphin Plant bears pendant thread-like stems on which curvy leaves with two small points grow. The leaves look like a pod of flying or jumping dolphins and hence the common name. Read more »

  11. String of Hearts Plant | Ceropegia woodii
  12. Houseplant, String of Hearts

    String of Hearts Plant also called Rosary Vine, Chinese Lantern or Chain of Hearts is an unusual succulent which is excellent for a hanging basket. It is easy to grow but the heart-shaped leaves are sparsely spaced and the tubular flowers are insignificant. Read more »

  13. String of Buttons Plant | Crassula perforata
  14. Houseplant, String of Buttons Plant

    String of Buttons also called Necklace Vine or Pagoda Plant is an easy to grow succulent plant even for a beginner. It can survive a considerable period of time without water. The fleshy leaves and stems store water, which allows the plant to go for a considerably long period without being watered. Read more »

  15. String of Nickels Plant | Dischidia nummularia
  16. Houseplant, String of Nickels Plant

    String of Nickels Plant also called Button Orchid is a trailing succulent plant which forms a dense mass of greenish-yellow foliage. The leaves are opposite and round and look like numerous coins, hence the common name String of Nickels. Read more »

  17. String of Rubies Plant | Othonna capensis
  18. Houseplant, String of Rubies Plant

    String of Rubies Plant also called String of Pickles, Little Pickles or Ruby Necklace is characterized by thin oval-shaped leaves and reddish-purple stem. The bean-shaped leaves turn a bright ruby red when the plant is grown under bright sunshine. Read more »

  19. String of Turtles Plant | Peperomia prostrata
  20. Houseplant, String of Turtles Plant

    String of Turtles Plant also called Magic Marmer is a compact perennial houseplant that is easy to grow and adapts well to indoor growing conditions. The plant is a trailing type of Peperomia and is an excellent choice for a hanging basket. Read more »

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