10 String of Plants Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

String of plants are very popular and are easy to grow. They are perfect to grow in a hanging basket, on top of a shelf or on a pedestal. Herebelow are ten popular string of plants varieties. Read on.

Popular String of Plants Varieties for Growing Indoors

Our list of popular string of plants includes String of Beads, String of Nickels, String of Dolphins, String of Hearts among other. Read on for the full list.

1. String of Beads (Pearls) Plant | Senecio rowleyanus

String of Beads (Pearls), Senecio rowleyanus

String of Beads (Pearls) Plant is a unique houseplant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which spherical green leaves grow.

The String of Beads (Pearls) Plant resembles a neck-lace of beads (pearls) and hence the common names. Read more »

2. String of Bananas Plant | Senecio radicans

String of Bananas Plant

String of Bananas Plant also called String of Fishhooks is a unique houseplant which bears pendant thread-like stems on which are tiny leaves shaped like small green bananas.

String of Bananas Plant is a succulent plant that is easy to grow even for a beginner. Read more »

3. String of Lemons Plant | Senecio citriformis

String of Lemons Plant

String of Lemons Plant also called String of Tears or String of Teardrops bears erect stems on which oval, teardrop-shaped or lemon-shaped leaves grow.

The leaves in String of Lemons Plant are green to dark-green with translucent longitudinal stripes. Read more »

4. String of Watermelons Plant | Senecio herreanus

String of Watermelons Plant

String of Watermelons Plant also called String of Beads, String of Raindrops or Gooseberryplant bears pendant thread-like stems on which oval, bead-like leaves grow.

The leaves in String of Watermelons Plant are dark-green with purple stripes. Read more »

5. String of Dolphins Plant | Senecio peregrinus

String of Dolphins Plant

String of Dolphins Plant also called Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins or Dolphin Plant bears pendant thread-like stems on which curvy leaves with two small points grow.

The leaves look like a pod of flying or jumping dolphins and hence the common name. Read more »

6. String of Hearts Plant | Ceropegia woodii

String of Hearts Plant

String of Hearts Plant also called Rosary Vine, Chinese Lantern or Chain of Hearts is an unusual succulent which is excellent for a hanging basket.

String of Hearts Plant is easy to grow but the heart-shaped leaves are sparsely spaced and the tubular flowers are insignificant. Read more »

7. String of Buttons Plant | Crassula perforata

String of Buttons Plant

String of Buttons Plant also called Necklace Vine or Pagoda Plant is an easy to grow succulent plant even for a beginner. The String of Buttons Plant can survive a considerable period of time without water.

The fleshy leaves and stems store water, which allows the plant to go for a considerably long period without being watered. Read more »

8. String of Nickels Plant | Dischidia nummularia

String of Nickels Plant

String of Nickels Plant also called Button Orchid is a trailing succulent plant which forms a dense mass of greenish-yellow foliage.

The leaves are opposite and round and look like numerous coins, hence the common name String of Nickels. Read more »

9. String of Rubies Plant | Othonna capensis

String of Rubies Plant

String of Rubies Plant also called String of Pickles, Little Pickles or Ruby Necklace is characterized by thin oval-shaped leaves and reddish-purple stem.

The bean-shaped leaves in String of Rubies Plant turn a bright ruby red when the plant is grown under bright sunshine. Read more »

10. String of Turtles Plant | Peperomia prostrata

String of Turtles Plant

String of Turtles Plant also called Magic Marmer is a compact perennial houseplant that is easy to grow and adapts well to indoor growing conditions.

The String of Turtles Plant is a trailing type of Peperomia and is an excellent choice for a hanging basket. Read more »

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