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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

Bedroom Houseplants collage

10 Low-light Bedroom Plants that Clean the Air Indoors with Pictures

The best plants for the bedroom are oxygen producing, clean the air and have calming and relaxing properties which improve sleep. These 10 plants are an ideal choice for the bedroom.

Small-sized Houseplants collage

16 Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces | Small-sized Houseplants

If you are limited in space for your houseplants, let not space limit you in greening your living spaces. These small easy-care plants are perfect additions for the limited spaces.

Closed Plants Terrarium

How to Make a Closed Terrarium for Indoor Plants

The closed terrarium completely or almost completely surrounds the plants and creates a warm, humid environment that is ideal for most delicate plants.

Air Cleaning Houseplants collage

10 Easy Care Plants that Clean the Air | Air Purifying Plants

The air is filled with lots of pollutants due to technological advancement. These plants have been found to be effective in removing indoor air pollutants.

Low Light Houseplants collage

16 Best Low Light Indoor Plants | Best Indoor Plants for Dark Spaces

If you are loooking for houseplants for the low light or shade conditions, here are some plants that will easily adapt to the low light conditions.

Office Houseplants collage

20 Best Low Light Office Plants | Indoor Plants for Office No Windows

Even if you do not have sunlight or windows in your office space, these low light office plants will continue to grow under flourescent lights.

Closed Plants Terrarium

15 Best Plants for a Closed Terrarium that are Ideal for a Beginner

Plants that are ideal for a closed terrarium are moisture-loving or humidity-loving plants which require a constantly moist atmosphere to thrive. Check out our choice of the best plants for a closed terrarium.

Easy Houseplants collage

10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants Ideal for Beginners

The easy care, low maintenace plants are hassle-free plants that do not require very frequent care and can withstand some level of neglect. Take a look at our selection.

Hardy Houseplants collage

19 Hard to Kill Indoor Plants | Near-impossible to Kill Houseplants

If you are one who normally kills plants or are too busy and have very little time to care for plants or you just want hassle-free plants, these near-impossible to Kill plants are perfect for you.


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