8 Best Potting Soil Mixes for Pothos Indoors | Best Types of Pothos Potting Mixes

Pothos are epiphytic plants which can climb to height of more than 60 ft on tree trunks and branches by means of aerial roots and act as hooks by attaching to the tree bark.

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In their natural tropical habitat, Pothos are found growing in moist, acidic to neutral, loose, rich, well-drained soils found on the forest floors.

Therefore, the best potting soil mixes for Pothos should mimick these growing conditions i.e. loose, slightly acidic to neutral, rich in organic matter and free-draining.

Herebelow, we have listed 8 of the best potting mixes for Pothos based on their ingredients, drainage and soil amendments to make it easy for you to find the best fit for your Pothos.

1. rePotme Pothos Imperial Potting Soil

rePotme Pothos Imperial Potting Mix

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rePotme Pothos Imperial Potting Soil is made fresh every day in small handcrafted batches from the finest ingredients from all over the world.

Perlite is added to help break up the mix and add additional drainage. Vermiculite will ensure that the plant gets the optimal amount of water during each watering.

This potting mix comes in a high-quality resealable pouch to preserve freshness and quality.

Sizes: 2 quarts, 4 quarts, 8 quarts | Contains: Coir, Monterey Pine Bark, Charcoal, Perlite, Vermiculite, Small Cork

The absence of peat is key to getting rid of fungus gnats as Fungus gnats are attracted to peat moss.

2. FINE Aroid Potting Mix

Aroids Fine Potting Mix

Photo: Etsy

FINE Aroid Potting Mix is an artisanal mix that provides the perfect balance of aeration and moisture retention for all your Pothos and other aroids that prefer a light, quick draining medium.

This is a sustainable mix that uses coco coir and chips in place of peat moss, and plenty of wonderful organic matter. It provides an amazing environment and all the building blocks necessary for your plant to build an incredibly healthy root structure.

Size: 2 Gallon | Contains: Fine Orchid Bark, Perlite / Pumice, Worm Castings / Compost, Organic Fertilizers, Mycorrhiza (both Endo and Ecto), 100% organic soil

3. Gardenera Aroid Potting Mix

Gardenera Aroids Aroids Potting Mix

Photo: Etsy

Gardenera Aroid Potting Mix is a perfect combination of quality ingredients which provide perfect airflow for roots. It is hand-packed and inspected for quality and correct consistency.

This aroid mix is crafted specifically to support the growth of Aroids. This high quality, chunky mix is perfect for Pothos and other aroids.

Sizes: 1 Quart, 2 Quarts, 3 Quarts, 4 Quarts, 5 Quarts, | Contains: Pine Orchid Bark, Perlite, Worm Castings, Horticultural Charcoal, Coco Coir

Orchid Bark helps create a coarse mix, allowing roots to move and grow and also helps prevent overwatering. Perlite improves aeration and drainage. Coco coir helps with water retention and also aeration. Horticultural charcoal helps drain excess water. Worm castings are a natural fertilizer that supports a healthy soil.

4. Gardenera Pothos Potting Mix

Gardenera Pothos Potting Mix

Photo: Etsy

Gardenera Pothos Potting Mix with its extra perlite and low-salt coconut coir it promotes rapid root development while protecting the roots from root-rot by quickly draining away excess water.

Each bag has been sterilized to protect your plant from possible diseases and pests. The bag is also resealable making it easy to store with no loss of the soil quality.

Sizes: 1 Quart, 2 Quarts, 3 Quarts, 4 Quarts, 5 Quarts, | Contains: Canadian Peat Moss, Perlite, Worm Castings, Lime

5. Molly's Aroid Mix

Molly's Aroid Mix

Photo: Etsy

Molly's Aroid Mix is a soil-free potting mix for Pothos and other tropical indoor plants that prefer a chunky, well-aerated and fast-draining mix that doesn't stay too wet after watering.

As a soil-free potting mix, Molly's Aroid Mix is a cleaner alternative to soil-based potting mixes, providing better airflow around root systems and draining quicker after each watering.

It includes beneficial fungi and bacteria that extend plant root systems, enhance nutrient provision, control disease-causing pathogens, and promote natural pest-defense systems.

Sizes: 5 Quarts, 8 Quarts | Contains: Orchiata Bark, Coco Coir, Coco Pith, Worm Castings, Horticultural Charcoal, Coarse Perlite, Calcitic and Dolomitic Limestone, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

6. Organic Pothos Soil Mix

Organic Pothos Soil Mix

Photo: Amazon

Organic Pothos Soil Mix contains premium perlite that ensures excess water drains quickly to prevent root rot and keeps the soil loose and breathable, ensuring roots have access to oxygen.

It retains the right amount of moisture without waterlogging, catering to the Pothos plant's hydration needs while providing all the essential nutrients needed for your Pothos growth.

The soil is perfectly balanced for the slightly acidic to neutral pH range that Pothos Plants prefer for optimum growth.

Sizes: 1 Quart, 2 Quarts, 4 Quarts, 10 Quarts, | Contains: Peat Moss, Perlite, Worm Castings, Lime

7. Soil Sunrise Aroid Plant Potting Soil Mix

Aroid Plant Potting Soil Mix

Photo: Amazon

Soil Sunrise Aroid Plant Potting Soil Mix is perfectly formulated for balanced drainage, moisture retention, essential nutrients and good aeration which prevents root-rot and encourages optimal growth for your Pothos and other aroids.

Sizes: 4 Quarts, 8 Quarts | Contains: Coconut coir, Pine Brk, Perlite, Worm Castings, Soil Sunrise Horticultural Charcoal

8. Ropey Root Chunky Potting Mix

Ropey Root Chunky Potting Mix

Photo: Etsy

Ropey Root Chunky Potting Mix is made of a substrate which retains water like a non-leaky sponge while giving your Pothos and other tropical plants the perfect chunky environment to grow their ropey roots.

It provides a supportive but airy base, allowing plant roots to grow strong and grab all the nutrients they need while allowing water to drain and prevent root-rot.

Contains: Chunky Coconut Husk, Coco Peat, Perlite, Activated Biochar, Lava Rocks, Cinnamon

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