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Many Orchids can successfully be grown as houseplants. An orchid is a great addition in any houseplants collection. Growing an orchid indoors is easy and only requires providing the required growth essentials. Good filtered light, high humidity, good air circulation and free draining light soil are essential for the proper growth of Orchids. Cold draughts must also be avoided.

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Boat Orchid
Boat Orchids (Cymbidium spp)

Boat Orchids are some of the easy to grow and care for Orchids. They are regarded as the beginner's orchid. Boat Orchids bear large waxy flowers arranged on unbranched flowering stem which arises from the base of the pseudobulb. These orchids are prolific bloomers with several flower spikes bearing up to 100 blooms per season. Some species have thin leaves but in most species the stems are modified to pseudobulbs. Where leaves are present, there are 3-12 apple-green leaves arranged in two ranks and they last for several years. Read more »

Brassavola Orchid
Brassavola Orchids (Brassavola spp)

Brassavola Orchids are popular due their very fragrant flowers with a citrusy smell but are only fragrant at night. The flowers are small and last between 5-30 days. These Orchids seem to bloom the year-round; several times in a year. The leaves are long, thin, tubular and may appear unrolled or flattened. The pseudobulb is much smaller so the leaves appear to emerge from the rhizomes. In their natural habitat, they are epiphytes where they grow on the bark of trees and derive moisture and nutrients from the air, rain or debris accumulating around them. Read more »

Cattleya Orchid
Catts Orchids (Cattleya spp)

Catts also called Corsage Orchids are popular and easy to grow indoor orchids. The blooms which occur in clusters of 2-6 are large and colorful and can last for weeks. They bear a cylindrical rhizome from which the fleshy noodle-like roots grow. The leaves grow from the top of the pseudobulb and they are fleshy with a smooth margin. Catts are available in pink, white, red, purple, blue and yellow flowers. Read more »

Oncidium Orchid
Dancing Lady Orchids (Oncidium spp)

Dancing Lady Orchids are also called Golden Shower Orchids or Spray Orchids. They produce a profusion of small flowers with a dominant enormous lip which partially blocks the small petals and sepals. These orchids are magnificent bloomers and if well care for they can produce 6-7 branched sprays of flowers which look like a cloud of buttery butterflies which can last for weeks. Flowers are available in shades of yellow, red, white and pink. They have large pseudobulbs and long leaves emerge from the pseudobulb. Their roots are a mass of thin white roots. Read more »

Dendrobium Orchid
Dendrobium Phalaenopsis (Dendrobium spp)

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Orchids also called Hard Caned Dendrobium Orchids are easy to grow Indoor Orchids which bear large, long-lasting flowers arranged along an unbranched flowering stems. The petals and sepals are free from and more or less similar to each other but distinctly different from the lip (lowermost flower petal). The lip is more or less egg-shaped and there is often a callus constising of narrow parallel ridges in the center of the lip. Flowers range in color from white, green, yellow, pink, purple and often contrasting colors in the lip. These orchids are branching herbs with cylindrical roots arising from the base of the pseudobulb. There are one or many leaves arranged in two ranks which vary in shape from linear to oblong and sometimes cylindrical. Their leaves last many years. Read more »

Paphiopedilum Orchid
Lady Slipper Orchids (Paphiopedilum spp)

Lady Slipper Orchids also called Venus Slipper Orchids or Slipper Orchids are easy to grow and care for. They are a favorite houseplants due to their unusual and curious form of flowers where the pouch-like lower lip looks like lady slippers and hence the common name. The flowers are long-lasting and can last for weeks. Flowers range in color from soft pastels to any combination of rich, earthy tones. These orchids lack a pseudobulb. They grow robust shoots, each with several leaves which are typically mottled. Each shoot only blooms once when it is fully grown. When older shoots die, newer ones take over. The roots are thick and fleshy which can be up to 3ft long. Read more »

Laelia Orchid
Laelia Orchids (Laelia spp)

Laelia Orchids are grown for their strikingly colorful flowers and for their ease to grow and care for. Flowers comprise of petals which are of a thinner texture than the sepals but both are of similar shape but the sepals are narrower. The blooms are long-lasting and can last for weeks. Varieties are available in pink, white, red and purple blooms. Laelia Orchids are mostly herbs with laterally compressed pseudobulb. One to four leathery or fleshy leaves are borne near the top of each pseudobulb. The leaves are broadly ovate to oblong. Read more »

Leopard Orchid, Ansellia Orchid
Leopard Orchid (Ansellia africana)

Leopard Orchids also called Trash Basket are easy to grow and bear numerous, delicately fragrant, leopard-like spotted flowers hence the common name leopard orchids. They have white, needle-like aerial roots which point upwards, taking the form of a basket around a large, cane-like , yellow pseudobulb hence the common name trash basket. In their natural habitat, this basket catches the decaying leaves and litter upon which the plant feeds. From the pseudobulb arises the tall flower-spike with many delicately scented flowers. The flowers are short-lived. Read more »

Moth Orchid
Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis spp)

Moth Orchids also referred to as Phals are some of the easy to grow Orchids. They bear long-lasting, flat-faced, often fragrant flowers arranged in a flowering stem that often branches near the end. They bloom easily where the flowers opening successively with each spike holding more than 20 flowers. Several of these flat-faced flowers blooming along an arching stem look like moths in flight and hence the common name. Moth Orchids are monopodial meaning they grow from a single point, adding leaves to the apex each year while the stem grows longer accordingly. They have long coarse roots and short, leafy stems hidden by overlapping leaf bases. They do not have pseudobulbs. The leaves are dark-green on top with streaks of red or burgundy on the undersides. Read more »

Swamp Orchid
Nun Orchids (Phaius spp)

Nun Orchids also called Swamp Orchids are easy to grow and are considered ideal for a beginner. The upper sepal is curved and the petals are white on the back side resembling a nun's cap and hence the common name. The blooms are produced on tall spikes each bearing a cluster of 10-20 flowers. The flowers are delicately fragrant and are long-lasting. Flower colors range from brown to maroon, often with a white or pink lip. Nun Orchids are evergreen, terrestrialherbs with thin underground rhizomes and crowded above ground. The leaves are several, pleated, stalked and emerge from the pseudobulb. Read more »

Brassia Orchid
Spider Orchids (Brassia spp)

They are called Spider Orchids in reference to their spider-like flowers. These orchids are notable for their characteristic long and spreading tepals which lend them the common name spider orchid. They are popular orchids due to their numerous, delicately fragrant, long-lasting blooms. The flowers can be spotted yellow, cream brownish or green. To bring Spider Orchids to flower requires a rest period of about 6-8 weeks. Their pseudobulb is large with one or two leaves. Read more »

Vanda Orchid
Vanda Orchids (Vanda spp)

Vanda Orchids are popular due to their showy, fragrant, long-lasting and intensely colorful flowers. The numerous flowers grow on a lateral flower spike arising from the central stem. They bloom every few months and the flowers last 2-3 weeks. Most flowers show a yellow-brown color with brown markings but they also appear in green, red, white, red, orange, purple, pink and burgundy shades. The growth occurs from a single stem and leaves are highly variable and adapted to their natural habitat. Vanda Orchids do not have pseudobulbs but they have leathery, drought-resistant leaves. They have very large root systems which may require that they be grown in hanging basket in order to suspend the roots for adequate room for growth. Read more »

Zygopetalum Orchid
Zygopetalum Orchids (Zygopetalum spp)

Zygopetalum Orchids are popular due to the ease of growing and their colorful, fragrant, waxy, long-lasting blooms. The flowers occur in multiples in shades of green, purple, burgundy and raspberry with several patterns. The blooms are held up by tall, upright stems and will fill a room with a delightful fragrance. The leaves are long, glossy, strap-like, deeply ribbed and right-green in color. Thse orchids have a robust growth form abd bear large, ovoid-conical pseudobulbs which are deciduous. Read more »

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