Popular Ornamental Asparagus Plants for Growing Indoors

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Ornamental Asparagus Plants are popular houseplants on account of their ease to grow. These plants easily adapt to wide variations in light, heat and frequency of watering. Some of these plants have needle-like "leaves" which give them a ferny appearance. Though they have the name fern as part of their common name, they are not true ferns.

  1. Asparagus Fern | Asparagus plumosus
  2. Houseplant, Asparagus Fern

    Asparagus Fern also called Asparagus Grass, Lace Fern, Climbing Asparagus or Ferny Asparagus is grown for the graceful feathery foliage, which is often used in floral arrangements. Read more »

  3. Emerald Fern | Asparagus densiflorus 'Sprengeri'
  4. Houseplant, Emerald Fern

    Emerald Fern also called Sprenger's Asparagus is an evergreen fern-like plant whose arching stems are sparsely covered with clusters of soft needle-like foliage. The trailing stems bear bright green 'leaves' hence the common name 'Emerald Fern'. Read more »

  5. Foxtail Fern | Asparagus densiflorus 'Meyeri'
  6. Houseplants, Foxtail Fern

    Foxtail Fern also called Plume Asparagus is an evergreen fern-like plant whose erect stems are densely packed with needle-like foliage. The evergreen foliage grows in clumps giving the plant a spiky appearance. Read more »

  7. Sicklethorn Plant | Asparagus falcatus
  8. Houseplant, Sicklethorn Plant

    Sicklethorn also called Large Forest Asparagus or Sickle-leaved Asparagus is a large, thorny, climbing plant which bears sickle-shaped 'leaves' and the stems are distinctly prickly, hence the common name. Read more »

  9. Smilax Asparagus | Asparagus asparagoides
  10. Houseplant, Smilax Asparagus

    Smilax Asparagus also called Cape Simlax, Bridal Creeper or Bridal-veil Creeper is a herbaceaus plant with vigorously-growing trailing stems on which shiny green leaf-like structures are borne. Read more »

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