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Here are the best detailed tips on growing plants at home. Learn how to plant, grow, care, prune and propagate your favorite plants.

peperomia Plants collage

15 Types of Peperomia Plants with Pictures & Care Guide

Peperomias easily adapt to indoor growing conditions. Their beautiful foliage, texture and growth habits qualify them for any plant collection.

Trailing Peperomia collage

7 Trailing Peperomia Varieties for Growing Indoors with Pictures & Care Guide

Trailing Peperomia varieties bear trailing or creeping stems which cascade downwards beautiful in a hanging basket, on a table top or on a pedestal.

Watermelon Peperomia

14 Reasons for Peperomia Drooping Leaves and How to Fix Them

Drooping leaves in Peperomia have a soft, floopy feel and are caused by cultural faults. Find out some of the causes and how to fix them.

String of Plants collage

10 String of Plants Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

String of plants are perfect to grow in a hanging basket, on top of a shelf or on a pedestal. Here are ten of the most popular string of plants.

Tradescantia Plants collage

10 Stunning Tradescantia Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

Majority of Tradescantia plants are perfect for a hanging basket and it is not unusual to find at least one in the home. Take a look at our selection.

Orchid Plants collage

13 Easy-care Types of Indoor Orchids with Names and Pictures

There are many types of orchids for indoor growing to add a splash of color from their unique and long lasting blooms. Learn how to successfully grow orchids indoors.

Bathroom Houseplants collage

18 Low-light Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture with pictures & Care Guide

The bathroom is ideal for growing plants that love moisture. The humid, warm and low light conditions are ideal for most tropical plants. Here are some ideal choices.

Bromeliad Plants collage

10 Types of Bromeliads for Growing Indoors with Pictures and Care Guide

Bromeliads require a somewhat different care routine. They are grown for the beauty of their foliage as well as their blooms. Here are some perfect choices for indoors.

Bedroom Houseplants collage

10 Low-light Bedroom Plants that Clean the Air with pictures & Care Guides

The best plants for the bedroom are oxygen producing, clean the air and have calming and relaxing properties which improve sleep. These 10 plants are an ideal choice for the bedroom.

Small-sized Houseplants collage

16 Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces | Small-sized Plants for Limited Spaces

If you are limited in space for your houseplants, let not space limit you in greening your living spaces. These small easy-care plants are perfect additions for the limited spaces.


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