How to Treat Sooty Mold in Houseplants

Houseplants Disease, Sooty Mould disease

Sooty Mold in Houseplants

Sooty Mold is a black mold which grows on the sticky honeydew deposited by aphids, scales, mealy bugs and whiteflies.

The sooty mould reduces plant growth and vigour by blocking pores and shading the leaf surface area for sunlight absorption.

Sooty Mold causes the plant to grow slowly and in severe cases the plant may stop growing altogether.

This Sooty Mold is unpleasant to look at and makes the plant unsightly and unattractive.

Treatment for Sooty Mold in Houseplants

1.To remove the sooty mould, clean the plant by wiping with a damp soft cloth and rinse with warm water. Read more on how to clean houseplants.

2.To prevent future attacks, deal promptly with the pests which produce the sticky honeydew. These include Aphids, Scales, Mealy Bugs and Whiteflies. Read on how to identify and get rid of pests in houseplants.

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