How to Clean Houseplants - Keeping Houseplants Neat and Attractive

Cleaning Houseplant

Cleaning houseplants is one the houseplants grooming procedures which are meant to keep the plant healthy, neat and attractive. Houseplants leaves can gather a lot of dust from the air.

Getting rid of this dust is an important grooming practice. Dusty leaves are unattractive and the dust blocks the pores which hinders the plant from breathing properly.

Dust also reduces light which is necessary for photosynthesis and thus the plants cannot make enough food that is required for growth and good health.

The Benefits of Cleaning Houseplants

Houseplants leaves can gather a lot of dust from the air. Getting rid of this dust is an important grooming practice. Dust affects the plant in several ways;

1.Dusty leaves are unattractive

2.Dust blocks the leaf pores which prevents the houseplant from breathing properly

3.Dust on leaves forms a light-blocking screen which prevents the houseplant from benefiting from the full effect of daylight.

4.Cleaning also gets rid of insect pests that might be hiding on the plant's leaves.

Techniques of Cleaning Houseplants

1.Small houseplants which can easily be moved, can be immersed in a container of water or washed in a sink or a tub.

2.For large and heavy houseplants whose leaves are wide and smooth, the leaves can be wiped with a soft damp cloth.

Remember to clean the cloth between houseplants to avoid transfering pests from one houseplant to the other.

3.Clean large and heavy houseplants with fine-foliage with a gentle spray of water from all sides with a spray bottle or hose.

To prevent excess water into the soil, cover the soil surface with a water-proof material.

4.Cacti, Succulents and houseplants with hairy leaves should not be sprayed with water or washed; gently brush off the dust with a soft brush.

5.Wash houseplants early in the day so that they can dry before night fall.

Support the leaf in your hand as you clean to prevent it from being damaged.

For specific houseplant requirements look it up in this Houseplants A-Z Guide.

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