Mealy Bugs - Houseplants Pests, Identification and Control

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Houseplant Pest, Mealy Bugs

Mealy Bugs

Mealy Bugs are white, soft-bodied, cottony-looking, sap-sucking insects. Large clusters can occur on stems and under the leaves of many houseplants.

A serious attack by Mealy Bugs can lead to wilting, yellowing and leaf fall in your plant.

Mealy Bugs also excrete large amounts of honeydew which attracts ants and is a fertile ground for black sooty mold.

The Best Treatment for Mealy Bugs in Houseplants

  • Remove heavily infested parts of the plant and destroy to prevent further spread.

  • Take the affected houseplant outside or to a sink and wash them off with a high pressure stream of water.

    If the houseplant has delicate foliage, turn the plant upside down and dip the foliage in a bucket of water to wash the pests off. Repeat as necessary.

  • A light Mealy Bug infestation can be dealt with by wiping them off with cotton buds dabbed in a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol followed by thorough spraying of the plant with the solution. Repeat as necessary.

  • A severe Mealy Bug infestation can be dealt with by weekly application of a systemic insecticide as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

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