How to Treat Leaf Rust Disease in Houseplants

Houseplant Disease, Leaf Rust

Leaf Rust Disease Symptoms

Leaf Rust Diseases are caused by a group of fungi. These fungi are parasites, which means they can only grow on a living host.

Therefore, destroying the infected parts or the entire infected plant is one way of getting rid of the fungi.

Leaf Rust disease is characterized by brown concentric rings of spores on the underside of the leaves.

Many houseplants can be infected by Leaf Rust Disease but Pelargoniums are especially susceptible to Leaf Rust Disease.

Treatment for Leaf Rust Disease in Houseplants

1.Control of Leaf Rust Disease is difficult. The best way to deal with it is to remove and burn the infected leaves.

2.Improve ventilation by ensuring that there is free air circulation for your houseplant.

3.Thoroughly spray the houseplant with a systemic fungicide and ensure that all the parts of your plant are well covered with the fungicidal solution.

4.Do not propagate cuttings from houseplants that are infected by Leaf Rust disease as the disease can be transmitted to new plants.

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