How to Treat Damping Off Disease in Houseplants

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Houseplant Disease, Damping off disease

Damping Off Disease

Damping Off Disease is a fungal disease which attacks the root and stem bases of seedlings.

The disease causes shrinkage and rot at the ground level which causes the seedlings to topple over.

Damping Off Disease is prevalent in damp, warm and poorly ventilated conditions.

It spreads very fast and may cause the loss of all your seedlings if immediate control measures are not taken.

The Best Treatment for Damping Off Disease in Houseplants

  • The best way to deal with Damping Off is to avoid it. It can be avoided by; use of sterilized soil and containers, avoid overwatering and sow seeds thinly to avoid overcrowding of seedlings.

  • On noticing the first collapsed seedling; improve ventilation, reduce watering and move your seedlings to a cooler spot.

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