How to Treat Crown and Stem Rot Disease in Houseplants

Houseplant Disease, Crown and stem rot

Crown and Stem Rot Disease Symptoms

Crown and Stem Rot disease is characterized by part of the stem or crown turning soft and rotten.

If the diseased area is at the base of the plant, it is called Basal Rot.

Crown and Stem Rot disease is a fungal disease which spreads rapidly and kills the plant.

The disease is common in wet, cool and poorly ventilated plant growing conditions.

Treatment for Crown and Stem Rot Disease in Houseplants

If caught early, Crown and Stem Rot Disease can be treated but if it has spread, the plant cannot be saved and it should be discarded.

1.To save a plant that is in the early stages of infestation, cut away and discard or burn the diseased tissue.

2.Keep the soil on the drier side; avoid soggy soil by ensuring that the soil is free-draining and the pot has a drainage hole.

3.Ensure there is free air circulation for your plant. Avoid keeping your plant in too cold conditions.

4.If the plant is too far gone, discard or burn it. Discard its pot and the soil as the treatment is not effective and may spread to the rest of the houseplants.

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