How to Treat Anthracnose Disease in Houseplants

Houseplant Disease, Anthracnose disease

Anthracnose Disease Symptoms

Anthracnose disease is characterised by sunken black spots on the foliage. Dark brown streaks may occur at the leaf tips.

Anthracnose disease is caused by a group of fungi in the genus Colletotrichum. The disease is associated with warm and very moist conditions especially where air circulation is limited.

Always ensure there is good air circulation for your houseplants to discourage infestation by Anthracnose disease.

Many houseplants can be attacked by Anthracnose disease but Palms and Ficus are highly susceptible to this disease.

Anthracnose Disease Treatment in Houseplants

1.Remove the affected parts of the plant and discard or burn them. Do this to reduce spread to the rest of the plant and to other houseplants.

2.Spray the affected plant with a systemic fungicide. Ensure all the foliage of the plant is well covered with the fungicidal solution.

3.Keep the soil for your plant on the dry side and do not mist it for several weeks to discourage infestation. Also, ensure that there is good air circulation.

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