How to Get Rid of Vine Weevil on Houseplants | Vine Weevil Control

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Vine Weevil Identification

The adult bettles of the vine weevil attack the leaves but it is the creamy-white grubs (larvae) which causes the real damage.

The cream-white grubs live in the soil where they rapidly devour plant roots, bulbs and tubers.

Their presence is indicated by wilting of the plant.

Treatment for Vine Weevil in Houseplants

1. Destroy the hiding places of the Vine Weevil larvae by getting rid of any debris and other dead plant material from around the plant.

2. Use sticky insect traps to catch the mature Vine Weevils which move from plant to plant.

3. Drench the soil immediately with a Lindane chemical solution as a prevention measure if you see the mature bettles on the leaves of your plant.

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