How to Get Rid of Nematodes in Houseplants | Nematodes Treatment

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Nematodes Identification

Nematodes also called eelworms are microscopic soil-living worms whose presence is marked by plant collapse for no apparent reason.

When you remove the plant from its pot and check the roots, you will find large, corky swellings on the roots. This is a sign of Nematode infestation.

Treatment for Nematodes in Houseplants

1. There is no chemical control for the Nematodes.The only solution is to destroy the plant immediately by burning.

2. Do not dispose the affected plant in the compost heap to prevent future infestation should you use the compost.

3. Use only sterilized soil for your plants in the future; nematodes can last in contaminated soil for a long time.

4. Obtain houseplants from a reputable supplier only, to avoid getting plants that may be infested by Nematodes.

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