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16 Best Indoor Plants for Low Light Spaces (Shade Conditions)

If you are loooking for houseplants for the low light or shade conditions, here are some houseplants that will easily adapt to the low light conditions.

Even for the poorly lit spaces, these houseplants will adapt very well to the low light conditions and continue to brighten up such spaces. Read more »

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20 Best Low-light Indoor Plants for the Office Space

Do not let yourself be surrounded by dull plain walls while you are working. Bring some green in and break the monotony of pale boring walls.

Houseplants have been shown to improve productivity and well being. Live plants give a natural feel to every business environment. These houseplants are perfect for the work office. Read more »


10 Best Plants for a Closed Terrarium Ideal for a Beginner

One interesting way to display houseplants is the use of a terrarium.

A terrarium or bottle garden is always more humid than the surrounding room atmosphere. Houseplants suitable for a terrarium are moisture-loving houseplants.

These easy to grow houseplants are ideal for growing in a terrarium. Read more »

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6 Benefits of Indoor Plants | Advantages of Indoor Plants

May be you are new to this world of indoor plants and you are asking yourself why you should have them to start with.

This is why you should grow houseplants; unlike the faux plants which only add beauty to our surroundings, indoor plants have other benefits and uses to us.

Apart from adding beauty, houseplants have other benefits like air cleaning, increased oxygen, improved mental health and well-being. Read more »

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10 Easy Care Plants | Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

The easy-care, low maintenace indoors plants are hassle-free houseplants that do not require very frequent care and can withstand some level of neglect.

These houseplants are ideal for a beginner plant parent. If you are new to houseplant parenthood and do not know where to start, choose from our list of the low maintenance, easy-care indoor plants.

These plants are also perfect for the busy houseplant parent who has very limited time to attend to their houseplants. Read more »

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10 Hard to Kill Indoor Plants | Near-impossible to Kill Plants

If you are one who normally kills plants or are too busy and have very little time to care for your houseplants or you just want hassle-free plants, these hard to kill houseplants are perfect for you.

The hard to kill indoor plants can tolerate some level of neglect and are especially ideal for the forgetful and busy houseplants parent.

These near-impossible to kill plants are hardy, easily adapt to low light conditions, do well in average room humidity and tolerate some level of neglect. Read more »

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How to Display or Style Indoor Plants for a Great Impact

Display or Styling of indoor plants simply means arrangement of houseplants, that is to simply say, how you place your houseplants.

To make it easier for you to achieve the greatest impact in the display of your houseplants, we have outlined herebelow, what you need to consider.

These tips are easy to follow and will ensure you have the perfect display for your houseplants. Read more »


7 Tips on How to Select the Ideal Indoor Plants for Your Home

To ensure that your indoor plants are always looking beautiful, careful selection is key.

Selection simply means matching your houseplants to the growing conditions in your home. If the right conditions are not present, the plants may die.

Inorder to choose the best plants for your home, you need to consider certain factors. If you fail to consider these factors, you may end with the wrong plant for your home. Read more »

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