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10 Best Plants for a Closed Terrarium that are Ideal for Beginners

One interesting way to display houseplants is the use of a terrarium.

A terrarium or bottle garden is always more humid than the surrounding room atmosphere. Houseplants suitable for a terrarium are moisture-loving houseplants.

These easy to grow houseplants are ideal for growing in a terrarium. Read more »

Benefits of Houseplants collage

6 Benefits and Uses of Growing Houseplants

Apart from adding beauty, live houseplants are beneficial to us in many ways. Some of these are quite interesting. Read more »

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10 Easy to Grow and Care for Houseplants

These houseplants are easy to care for which means they are suitable for you if you are just starting out with growing houseplants. Read more »

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10 Houseplants that are Hard to Kill | Near-impossible to Kill Indoor plants

These indoor plants are ideal for the forgetful, a beginner or one who has limited time to take care of their houseplants. Read more »

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How to Display or Style Your Houseplants for a Great Impact

To create great impact with your houseplants decor, here are some tips to consider. Read more »


7 Tips on How to Select the Best Houseplants for Your Home

To select the most ideal houseplants for your home look up these tips and equip yourself with the best way to get the perfect houseplant for your home. Read more »

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