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houseplants terrarium

How to Make a Closed Terrarium for Houseplants

A terrarium is a glass or transparent container inside which houseplants are grown.

The closed terrarium completely or almost completely surrounds the houseplants and creates a warm, humid environment that is ideal for most houseplants. Read more »

Bromeliad Plants collage

10 Types of Bromeliads for Growing Indoors with Pictures and Care Guide

Bromeliads are a unique group of plants which require a somewhat different care routine.

They are grown for the beauty of their foliage as well as their blooms.

A Bromeliad may take several years to reach the flowering stage but the display may last several months. Read more »

Indoor Palms collage

11 Types of Palms for Growing Indoors | Indoor Palms with Pictures

Palms are attractive and they add a tropical feel to any space. They come in a range of leaf types, sizes and growth habits.

Some palms like Kentia Palm (Howea fosteriana) have a cast-iron constitution.

Others like Parlour Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) are ideal for a bottle garden or terrarium. Read more »

Dracaeana Plants collage

8 Types of Dracaena Plants with Pictures | Dracaena Varieties

Dracaena plants are attractive houseplants which add a splash of color in any indoor space. They are easy to grow and propagate.

They are referred to as False palms due to their palm-like appearance; a leafless woody trunk on top of which is a crown of leaves. Read more »

Air Cleaning Houseplants collage

10 Easy Care Plants that Clean the Air | Air Purifying Plants

The air is filled with lots of hazardous gases, fumes, chemicals among others which are as a result of technological advancement.

Pollutants are found on computers, phones, furniture, paints, detergents, varnish, sprays and others.

These ten beautiful houseplants have been found to be effective in removing indoor air pollutants. Read more »

Bedroom Houseplants collage

10 Low-light Bedroom Plants that Clean the Air

The best plants for the bedroom that help you sleep better are oxygen producing plants.

They clean the air, have calming and relaxing properties which help you relax and sleep better.

The bedroom is a place of relaxation and destressing, it requires careful selection of plants that are calming and relaxing. Read more »

Small-sized Houseplants collage

16 Best Indoor Plants for Small Spaces | Small-sized Plants

Let not space limit you in greening your living spaces. These small indoor plants are perfect additions for such spaces.

These are plants that can be grown on a table-top, on a plant shelf or stand, on a windowsill, in a hanging basket or any other place where space is limited. Read more »

Hanging Houseplants collage

15 Best Hanging Baskets Indoor Plants Ideal for a Beginner

Hanging baskets are one beautiful way of maximizing on the vertical space.

You can have a hanging basket practically anywhere in your living spaces; near the window, above your sitting space, in your porch, above your bathtub, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and so on.

These easy-care plants are excellent for a hanging basket and are ideal for a beginner. Read more »

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