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Air Cleaning Houseplants collage

10 Easy to Grow Houseplants that Clean the Air

The air is filled with lots of hazardous gases, fumes, chemicals among others which are as a result of technological advancement.

Pollutants are found on computers, phones, furniture, paints, detergents, varnish, sprays and others.

These ten beautiful houseplants have been found to be effective in removing indoor air pollutants. Read more »

Bedroom Houseplants collage

10 Best Houseplants for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of relaxation and destressing. It requires careful selection of plants that are calming and relaxing.

It is in the bedroom where you can create the most personalized houseplants arrangement.

You can choose the pleasure of waking up to the of sight of green foliage and or you can sleep amid natural fragrance. Read more »

Small-sized Houseplants collage

16 Best Houseplants for Small Spaces

Let not space limit you in greening your living spaces. These small houseplants are perfect additions for such spaces.

These are plants that can be grown on a table-top, on a plant shelf or stand, on a windowsill, in a hanging basket or any other place where space is limited. Read more »

Hanging Houseplants collage

15 Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are one beautiful way of maximizing on the vertical space.

You can have a hanging basket practically anywhere in your living spaces; near the window, above your sitting space, in your porch, above your bathtub, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and so on.

These easy to grow houseplants are excellent for hanging. Read more »

Low Light Houseplants collage

15 Best Houseplants for Low Light Spaces

If you are loooking for houseplants for the low light or shade conditions, here are some houseplants that will easily adapt to the low light conditions.

Even for the poorly lit spaces, these houseplants will adapt very well to the low light conditions and continue to brighten up such spaces. Read more »

Office Houseplants collage

20 Best Houseplants for the Office Space

Do not let yourself be surrounded by dull plain walls while you are working. Bring some green in and break the monotony of pale boring walls.

Houseplants have been shown to improve productivity and well being. Live plants give a natural feel to every business environment. These houseplants are perfect for the work office. Read more »

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