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Fern Plants collage

7 Types of Indoor Ferns with Pictures and Care Guide

Ferns are an interesting way to add greenery and a tropical feel to your home.

Most of the ferns grown indoors are easy-care and low maintenance. Some produce spores that can be used for multiplication of your fern collection. Read more »

peperomia Plants collage

15 Types of Peperomia Plants with Pictures | Peperomia Varieties

Most Peperomia Varieties are perfect indoor plants as they easily adapt to indoor growing conditions.

Their great variety of beautiful foliage, texture and growth habits qualify them for any plant collection.

Peperomias are considered non-toxic and are ideal for households with children or animals. Read more »

Tradescantia Plants collage

10 Stunning Tradescantia Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

The Tradescantia group of plants are one of the most popular and easy to grow indoors.

This group of plants exhibits varied colors, leaf shape, texture and growth habits.

Majority of them are perfect for a hanging basket and it is not unusual to find at least one in the home. Read more »

Pet Safe Plants collage

15 Pet Safe Indoor Plants | Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

Sometimes pets can decide to chew or play with houseplants. While it is a good idea to keep houseplants out of the reach of pets, it is very important to grow houseplants that are non-toxic to pets. Here are some pet safe houseplants. Read more »

Asparagus Plants collage

5 Types of Asparagus Ferns for Growing Indoors with Pictures

Ornamental Asparagus Plants are popular houseplants on account of their ease to grow. These plants easily adapt to wide variations in light, heat and frequency of watering. Some of these plants have needle-like "leaves" which give them a ferny appearance. Read more »

String of Plants collage

10 String of Plants Varieties with Pictures and Care Guide

String of plants are very popular and are easy to grow. They are perfect to grow in a hanging basket, on top of a shelf or on a pedestal. Here are ten of the most popular string of plants. Read more »

Orchid Plants collage

13 Common Types of Orchids for Growing Indoors (with pictures)

There are numerous types of orchids than can be grown indoors to add a splash of color from their unique and long lasting blooms.

Many orchids can be grown indoors successfully if the required conditions are met. Here are some popular easy-care Orchid types. Read more »

Bathroom Houseplants collage

10 Low-light Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture

The bathroom is an ideal site for growing indoor plants that love moisture.

The humid, warm and low light conditions existing in the bathroom are ideal for most tropical plants. Here are some Read more »

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