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Houseplant, Bromeliad plant

Bromeliads Profile

Bromeliads are a unique group of plants which require a somewhat different care routine. They are grown for the beauty of their foliage as well as their blooms. Here are some types that are excellent for the indoors. Read more »

Houseplant, Areca palm, Golden cane palm

Indoor Palms Profile

Palms are attractive and they add a tropical feel to any space. Here are some palms that you can choose from for that exotic feel to your home. Read more »

Houseplant, Dracaeana, Corn plant

Dracaena Plants Profile

Dracaena plants are attractive houseplants which add a splash of color in any indoor space. They are easy to grow and propagate. Read more »

Houseplant, Spider Plant

10 Houseplants for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a place of relaxation and destressing. Here are some houseplants that help in relaxation and destressing. Read more »

Houseplant, Peace Lily

10 Houseplants that clean the air

These ten beautiful houseplants have been found to be effective in removing indoor air pollutants. Select some to improve your indoor air quality. Read more »

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