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May be you are new to this world of indoor plants and you are asking yourself why you should have them to start with.

This is why you should grow houseplants; unlike the faux plants which only add beauty to our surroundings, indoor plants have other benefits and uses to us.

Apart from adding beauty, houseplants have other benefits like air cleaning, increased oxygen, improved mental health and well-being.

We have herebelow outlined 6 Benefits or Advantages of Houseplants. Read on.

The Benefits and Uses of Indoor Plant

Growing plants in your home has many benefits. Some of these benefits are clean air, health and wellbeing, increased oxygen concentration among others. Continue reading for more of these benefits.

1. Indoor Plants add beauty to our surroundings

Indoor garden

The presence of houseplants in our indoors breaks the monotony of dull walls, gloomy rooms and other uninteresting features.

Houseplants make our indoors more welcoming, colorful, relaxing and cozy.

The beauty of houseplants emanates from their interesting, brightly colored or patterned forms of Foliage Houseplants and from the beautiful blooms of the Flowering Houseplants.

2. Indoor Plants clean indoor air of common air pollutants

air cleaning houseplants collage

The air is filled with lots of hazardous gases, fumes, chemicals among others. These include dust, carbon monoxide, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde and others.

Some houseplants have been shown to be effective in cleaning indoor air of common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Check out these 10 Easy-care Plants that Clean the Air

3. Indoor Plants promote wellbeing

Spider Plant

When we interact with plants and by extension nature we feel happy, relaxed and less stressed. This in turn reduces the likelihood of the occurrence of stress-related illnesses.

For example when we place houseplants in our bedroom, we sleep better and wake up relaxed and stress-free. Check out these 10 Low-light Bedroom Plants that Clean the Air

4. Indoor Plants increase indoor oxygen concentration

Snake plant, Sanseveria spp

Plants take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the process of photosynthesis (the process by which plants make their food) during day time.

At night they take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide as they breakdown food. While plants may release carbon dioxide at night, the amount of carbon dioxide they release is far much lower than the oxygen they release.

The increased oxygen helps us breathe better and relax, and reduces fatigue and stress. Some plants like the Snake Plant and Pothos are known to produce a lot of oxygen at night through a process called CAM. Read more on how to grow Snake Plant indoors.

5. Indoor Plants can act as a screen

climbing houseplants

When we want to hide those unattractive areas in our homes, houseplants can be used as a screen while adding beauty to the space.

Climbing houseplants like Pothos, Heartleaf Philodendron, English Ivy and other climbers are excellent for creating a living screen.

6. Indoor Plants can be used as room dividers

Room divider

To create temporary room dividers, we can use houseplants to do so while we enjoy their beauty and their other benefits.

Some houseplants that are excellent for dividing a room are Cissus, Palms, Ficus benjamina and many trailing and climbing plants.

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